Django vs Laravel vs Node js

Django vs Laravel vs Node js

05 Feb. 20

Web Frameworks are basically software packages that ease the complexity of web development. They come with many inbuilt features that are common in web development, thus minimizing the development time, resulting in a quick transition from the Development phase to the Production phase.
Every core programming or scripting languages which are used in the development of web apps, web services, and web APIs, have their respective web framework for their users to take advantage of fast development. It also helps in standardizing the process of Web Development.

Programming Language Web Framework
Python Django, Flask, Tornado, web2py
Javascript Angular, React, Vue.js, Node.js
PHP Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony
Java Spring, JSF, GWT

Node js, Django and Laravel are some of the important and popular web frameworks,

  • Node js built with V8 JS Engine and is based on event-driven and non-blocking I/O model.
  • Laravel is a PHP web framework which is based on MVC(model view controller) architecture. It is one of the most popular frameworks of PHP.
  • Django, built on the Python programming language. Its main motto is “Quick Development” along with security and scalability. Django uses MVT(model, view, template) architecture.


All three frameworks have a great community on GitHub and the commits are also quite consistent.

Learning Curve

  • Being made on Python, which itself has a pretty straightforward and readable syntax, Django is quite easy to learn, especially for those who are already acquainted with Python. Understanding the MVT architecture might be a bit tricky.
  • Due to its asynchronous nature, learning Node js could be quite challenging for some developers, especially if they’re new to Javascript.
  • A PHP developer with some basics of Backend won’t face much trouble working with Laravel.

Django will be a smart choice for beginners since Python is quite easy to learn and understand.

Scalability and Performance

  • Being made on Python whose compilation time is less than PHP, Django is more scalable than Laravel.
  • If we compare Node js with Django, the later will be an excellent choice as far as scalability is concerned, but Nodejs is a winner in terms of performance.

So, Node js would be a great choice if the website has high traffic and is quite quick in response when compared to both Django and Laravel.


  • Security is a very important aspect of any web project, Django comes with its own authentication system which makes it more secure and simple by avoiding a few common mistakes which might occur by the developer while manually adding the security features. QuerySet API of Django abstracts all the queries preventing the application from SQL Injection.
  • Laravel also has its decent security feature, it uses the hashed password and stores them in encrypted form in the database.

Django is a winner here.

Rapid Development

  • Django has a number of plugin support, in the case of Laravel which basically supports only HTTP. Moreover, Django, based on Python programming, language is faster than Laravel.
  • Node.js is a very swift request handler and has a very light server that can run on cheap machines as well.

So, Django is most recommended when it comes to rapid development.

Clean Architecture

  • When Clean architecture is considered Laravel tops the list for its pragmatic and clean syntax. In addition to clean design, Laravel is also favoured for its increasing community and developer-friendly codes.
  • Django also offers coders with clean and rational designs for creating applications that can manage big data within an organization in a sound manner.

When there is a requirement for a clean, pragmatic coding structure and a coder convenient design, Laravel stands out in this.


Considering all the three frameworks, all have their own pros and cons. It all depends upon the kind of product that is wished to be built. That decides which platform will best suit the complexity of the product.

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