Personalization of advertising and marketing: Tools at a marketer’s disposal


Jan. 20

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According to Econsultancy, following the personalization of metasearch engine, 93 percent of organizations experienced an increase in transformation rates.

Personalization depicts the system and strategies of conveying the content and encounters that talk straightforwardly to people when, where, and how they pick. Consumers need to connect with the brand experience that is applicable to their needs. It’s up to you as a marketer to create those experiences. Personalization enables your viewers to feel like you know them very well and that you respect them as individual viewers.

Personalization can be viewed as a key component to increase both income and user base since it authorizes a company to fragment its shoppers and target them in like manner. Adobe Marketing Cloud is used to collect information from all your digital and offline marketing resources to make a balanced relationship.

Below are some tips to boost your traffic and make your life easier in e-commerce personalization:-

  • Display dynamic content

    One of the best techniques of personalization is to deliver dynamic content to the viewers at the time of their visit on site. Your dynamic personalization must be more pertinent and actionable. You can set a specific time to display the offers or you can also display the offers when the viewers visit your site.

  • Display similar product

    As indicated by Invesp, 59% of online customers trust it’s simpler to discover all the more interesting items when personalization is utilized. You can encourage your customers by showing them similar products which they have already bought. You can recommend them to new products based on their previous product buying history.

  • Create a module based on individual choice

    56% of online shoppers more likely returns to your website/application if you recommend them to the products. You can create a module in your site for the “Selected items for you” category and in this, you can display the products based on their previous purchase of past browsing history. This personalization can attract many online shoppers as it shows that you care for their interests. This is an awesomely viable approach to drive more customers to your site to make more buys.

  • Personalization based on Weather

    Display products based on the season can really attract online shoppers to stay on your site. Design the homepage of your site/application based on the weather-sensitive like display the product categories on the weather like for sunny days or winter wear for winter etc.

Benefits of Personalization in Technology:-

  • Collect and analyze data using AI

    Machine learning plays an important role in the gathering of all your marketing information into one place, it also keeps the data organized, standardized, and updated regularly. Artificial Intelligence removes significant bits of knowledge to assist advertisers with settling on better choices.

    As we all know, achieving a marketing target is a little bit complicated but fortunately, AI helps in finding the data in a minute that would take any person at least a month before the AI. If any person wants to know more about their content which drives more in the market, they can connect their content to the system. It will analyze authentic post information, separating the post into numerous elements and distinguishing which elements were available in the most engaging post.

  • Location tracking for Targeted Ad Experience

    Almost 57% of people are alright with the applications that track their location. Users permit applications to access their location because they think it’s advantageous and feels more secure with location tracking.
    This data can be utilized to give a progressively more personal experience for consumers. Many mobile app development companies can assist businesses with utilizing location tracking features to create targeted advertising experience in the field of marketing.

  • Create personalized marketing campaigns using beacon

    Placing beacon in the shop is very useful for retailers as they can gather all the information related to the customer’s interaction to upgrade the in-store understanding and create highly customized marketing campaigns. Beacon helps in providing the advanced personalization as it allows the retailer to add variously personalized discounts and offers to the customers based on their location within the store. This timely offers custom-made to every customer to improve customer experience.

  • Activity tracking for personalization

    To track the activity of the audience in your platform, there are numerous technologies like data onboarding, cookie coordination, browsing tracks, contextual targeting, etc. for lessening the amount of genuinely unknown users. Retailers can customize their personalization by using past purchase history, user behavior of the users. For customers with a demonstrated history of browsing, you can pick to automatically display significant products or content when they land on the landing page.

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