Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management Services

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We deliver controlled and cost effective Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management / advertising services to help our clients earn the top spot on Bing and Google search engine results to increase clicks, leads and sales.

Top Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management Company

Let’s Nurture has been a top-notch PPC services providers for 10+ years delivering Pay-Per-Click advertising and management services in India, UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Singapore. With us, our clients get instant access to pool of dedicated PPC experts (Google Ads specialists) working for a Google Partner certified Pay-Per-Click management company.

PPC ads can help businesses to get the attention they want! Through PPC campaigns, we help businesses bring the content right in front of relevant users using the best PPC platforms like Bing Ads, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, AdRoll, etc.

Our Expert PPC Management Services

Let’s Nurture offers the best practices for PPC management and paid advertising services helping businesses to grow with guaranteed increase in high-quality traffic and conversions to get better results instantly.

Account Setup

Account Setup

We offer focused Pay-Per-Click services where our PPC specialists help clients setting up accounts by selecting the best PPC platforms to meet customers’ business goals.

Paid Search Campaigns

Paid Search Campaigns

We provide the best value for money from the budget assigned for paid search campaigns by entering the auction and competing with other bidders for too win advertising space.

Google Ads Campaign Management

Google Ads Campaign Management

By hiring dedicated PPC experts, get a complete peace of mind that your PPC ads on Google are being managed by certified Google Ads specialists generating more traffic and leads.

Bing Ads Management

Bing Ads Management

Despite the dominance of Google, Bing also possess huge market share regarding daily visitors. Our PPC specialists help clients with every aspect of Bing Ads management.


Social Media Campaigns

Our dedicated PPC specialists have experience in performing social ads campaigns like Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads, etc. for effective engagement.


YouTube Advertising

We help clients to grow online presence on second largest search engine after Google. We help with graphics creation, script writing, video publication with YouTube advertising & analytics.

Display Ads Management

Display Ads Management

To add value to Google Ads campaigns, we provide the best services on Display Ads which run through Google Display Network to shown them on popular news and other website platforms.

Ecommerce Advertising

Ecommerce Advertising

Let’s Nurture offers Ecommerce PPC services to help Ecommerce businesses with paid search shopping campaigns based on company size and business objectives to sell products.


PPC Landing Page Optimization

Our dedicated PPC experts identify USPs of the client business to create PPC landing pages while optimizing all elements to achieve better quality scores ensuring lower ad spend and better ads rankings.

Our Approach towards Pay-Per-Click Management Services

Assigning Dedicated Resources (PPC Specialists)

Assigning Dedicated Resources

We assign certified PPC specialist having expertise in the management of search engines to run and monitor PPC ad campaigns.


Keyword Opportunities Identification

We perform complete & comprehensive keyword research, measure search traffic and costs associated to make final list of selected keywords for PPC campaign.


Competition Analysis

To bring the best results, we perform precise competitors analysis to identify strength/ weaknesses and carry out savvy approach to our PPC ads campaign.

Ad Creation

Ad Creation

Our focused efforts in creating title headline and targeting relevant keywords with cost help us create and develop effective search engine PPC ads.


Ads Monitoring & Optimization

With our swift and regular monitoring of PPC ad campaigns, we identify low performing areas. In the case of decline, we pause existing ads while launching new ads to get continuous results.

Reporting & Communication

Reporting & Communication

To know how your ad campaigns are doing, our Pay-Per-Click team will provide monthly reports. We also provide conversion tracking and report with PPC management services.

Why choose Let’s Nurture for PPC Advertising Campaigns?

We have our in-house dedicated PPC management team to strategically manage PPC advertising projects. In our tenure of 10+ years, we have designed our own methodology that is a perfect fit for small businesses. With a strong vision and also for the enterprise businesses we are pretty sure to make any business in front of the customers. We also provide strategic consulting to existing PPC accounts. Here’s what we do for you:

  • Maintain the key phrase ranking
  • Monitor the budget as well Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Research & implementation of new keywords
  • Result Analysis
  • Removing non-performing keywords
  • Editing of ad titles & description

Want to grow your business through with low risk Pay-Per-Click Paid Advertising to achieve maximum ROI?

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