The ever growing rise in the use of mobile phones as personal devices is giving way to a steep adoption of the same. The advancements in technology are leading to a non-conventional scope of sale and purchase of products. And leaving no choice for the traders or sellers, but to indulge in the new age interactive channels for business-mobile commerce services or mobile commerce solutions. In order to present a technologically sophisticated front, it is important to dip the brand into mobile commerce solutions. People have start telling you that I will whats app you instead of I will text you, its a time shift focus in to mCommerce.

mobile commerce services
mobile commerce services

mCommerce Strategy confusion

In an attempt to provide best mCommerce outlets for consumers, these companies have spoilt them with choices. So the biggest challenge is in dealing with the following:

  • Absence of effective mobile strategy
  • Doubtful vision of implementing mobile commerce solutions (mCommerce)
  • Inadequate understanding for delivering a compelling experience
  • Absence of a robust monitoring and analytics for mobile transactions
  • Mobility solutions with reliable security measures

What Lets Nurture can do for mCommerce Shift for businesses

We acknowledge the shift from eCommerce to mCommerce as the next big change in this scope. Therefore it distinctively throws light on our expertise, for delivering quality mobile commerce solutions with mobile applications, API development, extending web solution in to mobile application. It helps us in enabling various mobile strategies by breaking benchmarks to excel in attaining desired objectives. Team LetsNurture with its robust, scalable and trustworthy solutions for mobile commerce services:

Mobile shops with interactive product presentation and a secure ordering system

Mobile Catalogues developed and distributed in the form of catalogues, brochures and price sheets

CRM solutions being robust and user-friendly for businesses spanning multiple devices

Mobile Coupons for flexible and cost effective couponing solution

Mobile Apps that clearly serve the objectives of mCommerce retailers

Decision support solutions that influence business decisions on the move

LetsNurture offers mobile commerce services and mobile commerce solutions in the following platform

Mobile Commerce Services & Solutions  and its Benefits for Retailers

  • Flexibility to a considerable amount in conducting business
  • More alternatives to accept payments via mobile and tablets
  • Wireless and secure payment options for authentic transactions
  • A technologically advanced platform to attract new customers
  • Business on the go opportunities
  • Paperless coupons and loyalty subscription through mobile

mCommerce Sale Statistics in the U S reportedly shows a milestone of $40 billion in 2013 and expected to scale up to $90 billion in couple of years. An aggregate growth of 60% was expected in mCommerce sales in 2015.

We are having strong expertise for providing mobile commerce services and mobile commerce solutions/applications for the retail industry. Our experience with daily deals, coupons, affiliates, product APIs can help retailers to implement correct mCommerce strategy for business. Write us at for any query.

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