After witnessing the transformation from laptop to tablets and smart phones,  technology evangelists have rendered us with  the next step to the evolution of technology. And they are wearable devices and augmented realities. We have been truly blessed with the endowment of Android wearable applications for next-gen wearable devices.

LetsNurture Revolutionary Android & iOS Wearables Apps

Whether you are a manufacturer, willing to plunge into the market of Android wearables or an app producer wishing to make the most out of expectedly growing number of supported devices, LetsNurture is here to provide all the help. Our team of Android developers have a strong hold on developing some revolutionary apps for wearable.

As soon as Google’s announcement for Android SDK for wearables was made, our programmers were keen to start working on it and excel on the same. Augmented reality apps and Beacon apps have been some of the milestones in our success story and our team is ready to take on challenging projects for Android Wearables App development. Here are some of the wearable for which we can develop bespoke apps:

  • Smartwatches
  • Activity Trackers
  • Smartglasses
  • GPS Watches
  • Surveillance Devices
  • Bluetooth belts

Request a demo For Android Wearables Apps

Why just go by our word when you can view by yourself? Our team of iOS Developers has recently built an application for Polar Bluetooth Belt. You can review our work for android wearables and the functionality of the application and also view the demo version of our app for Smart Watches. Why not share your requirement with us today? Send us an email to now!

If you want to direct submit your requirement regarding android wearable development click here.


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