World is becoming a better place, with technological advancements in every field, world has become a better place to live than ever before. The popularity of smartphones and internet has given rise to location-based services, GPS-enabled devices, smart applications and individual’s desire to share their every tiny move to the public. All these behaviors can be leveraged by using the latest technology of Geofencing.

One of the smartest use of Geofencing solution can be seen as the Child Tracking System. Children need extra care which such centers fail to provide. Hence, at times it becomes quite an area of concern to find caretakers to find them. Child Tracking Application integrated GPS Tracking solution and Geofencing provides all the info about the child’s safety. By installing the application the parent also will be kept

informed about the child location every time. This child tracking system ensures better vigilance and lesser effort for the hotels or resorts  management and parents. Our child tracking device system maintains the safety of the children and lets every parent and management be in peace of mind.

Features to offer in your Child tracking solution:

Developers at LetsNurture are well-versed to present the child tracking solution for both iOS & Android users so that they can get notified about their child’s whereabouts. Hospitality industry can leverage this unique geofencing solution to offer enhanced security to their guests.

Major front-end features to leverage for your Child Tracking solution:
  • Gives automated alerts when child goes out of the range
  • Email and SMS notification alerts about child
  • Let’s child use the SOS button to send a help alert
  • Allows parents to access their child’s location history for today and yesterday
  • Allows parents to navigate to their child’s location
  • Helps user search for their lost phone
  • Allows user to add second child, their spouse and other family members to their account
  • Parents can see the report of how their child is using and charging her or his phone
  • Child Control GEO Location Feature – App can be used in any country or across more than 1 country at a time
  • User no longer have to bother about their child with “Where are you?” calls or texts
  • Locate both Android Phones and iPhones with Family Locator Kids Control Internal messaging system
Major back-end features to leverage for your Child Tracking Application System
  • User friendly Dashboard – easy admin management
  • Manage Website Members
  • Manage Admin Users
  • Real time Reports about child’s whereabouts
  • Easy Content Management System

Reach us for Child Tracking Application Development System

LetsNurture has a team of skilled developers to offer you Child Tracking app development services with cost efficiency, time and

precise quality. We deliver mobile apps that are customized to your requirement. With in-house expertise in mobile app development we try to understand your business and its requirements and then document the scope of the project.

We ensure our clients of excellent user interface. We have dedicated and experienced app developers who can ideate and execute your app idea as per your requirements. Get in touch with us with your child tracking solution. Write to us at


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