Geolocation App Development

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Geolocation app development

Probably before 3 decades, the businesses started moving their sales brochures to web domains. With time, businesses moved social and more collaborative to leverage technology and integrated marketing with it. Today is the age of Mobile Apps and the geolocation app too. The demand of the location based app development is like when the goat is ready to give milk – a message needs to be sent over to your Smart Phone that it is time to milk your goat.

The example for the location based app development given above is hypothetical. But the real life scenario would be to have a message sent to your Smart Phone when you pass by the Grocery store. And to implement such technology the Mobile Apps must be Geolocation aware! Utilizing the GPS capabilities of the Smart Phones, location based app development (Geolocation App) can be used for Mobile Apps so that they can be designed to capture the data such as “Where am I now”. And present the data to the user based on the current location of the user.

Know – How Geolocation App Works ?

With the use of Geo Tag or using GPS Location of smartphone, you can build up a great location based app development solution for any industry. Such as Tracking System, Location based advertisement system, Weather Alert system, Livestock tracking. GPS / GEO Using geolocation app, where location is a gold mine for data analysis , with the use of location data you can review tracking behavior of any vehicle, person, animal or any other thing. So using the location data with the web services, you can provide your users with real-time results for your services in their vicinity with the location based app development.

Geofencing Use cases

There are various used cases using mobile application & Geofencing using location based app development (Geolocation App).

  • Farm/Land Monitoring
  • Location based marketing
  • Tracking stray cattle
  • Asset tracking
  • Moreover, Geofencing for tracking criminal movement
  • Vehicle Movement
  • Livestock tracking
  • Rental Vehicle Movement
  • Municipal Bus System
  • Elder Care
  • Also Warehouse Operations

Real Time Tracking with GEO Location App Development

When customer interaction is a key, location based app development plays a huge role in bringing the customers to your doorstep or your clients’ doorsteps using the location data. An e-commerce mobile app is an example of the geolocation app, suggesting nearby services or coupons can only be possible using the location data. A user in an unknown city opens an event or a movie booking app, using the location data and the app can guide the user which is the nearby multiplex he can visit. The check-in feature of your app can allow customer share their experience while they are leaving.

Social Media Advantage Word of Mouth- Physical Click Through Rate Using GPS

Using geolocation app, you can also allow your customers to share the experience with their social network while they are at your business premises and get introduced to their friends. Allow reviews of your services to promote your business and also to identify the bottlenecks to your customer services. Over a period of time, the process builds strong brand recognition and attracts new customers.

Market Your Business through Geolocation App Development

To sign your business up to participate in location based app development services using the geolocation and to do so, you list your business address with various services such as Google Places. And that eventually allows your customers know how to get to your business.

Lets Nurture is one stop solution for Your Geolocation App Development

Our team of engineers is a pro at implementing interactive and intuitive Mobile Apps for your business. Geolocation is only one of the sensors an Android or an Apple device features. And each of these sensor data can be used to provide enchanting experience to your users. Our portfolio of Mobile Application development for iOS and Android will assure you on the scalability of our work. To know more about location based app development, send us an email to

letsnurture process
letsnurture process

It has given us immense pleasure to be a part of the development lifecycle of our client’s GEO Location Based App Development. If you also care enough about your business growth it is time to get the right app on your table!

LetsNurture has created interactive apps for industries like Real Estate, Geo Fencing, Health, Social Networking, Wearable, etc. Write to us about your requirement of Geolocation App Development on Moreover, we assure you that team will surely accomplish your requirements

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