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When we consider today’s usage of smartphone on a large scale, it is crucial for enterprises to assure their application is compatible to all major platforms like Android, iOS, Java, Windows, etc. However, Sencha Touch make this viable,  as it is  one of the robust cross platform framework built upon html5, CSS & Javascript. Moreover, Sencha Framework has currently more than 10000 enterprise customers.

Mobile Application Developed in Sencha touch are highly reliable. Sencha Touch lets you to access native features on the phone, and deploy app to the app store. Sencha SDK tool wraps the web app in a native shell and Native Packaging is deployed to the app stores. On the other hand, Sencha has more than 50 built-in UI components. Since, it support native looking themes, framework offers everything for development of impressive apps that work on all major platforms.

Sencha Touch Extensive Features

  • Geolocation: Imparts complete package around geolocation on devices supporting Icons – 300 icons are included
  • AJAX: Sencha Touch imparts the complete AJAX support, including CORS and JSON-P
  • Touch Events: Consists of complete range of touch events and indications like tap, swipe and pinch.
  • Feature Detection: Automatically identifies the presence of features like geolocation, canvas and orientation support
  • Native Packaging: Sencha Touch imparts access to native APIs with the help of its Ext.device API i.e connection, notification, orientation and cameras.
  • High performance Native UI Looking Components: Sencha Touch offers the comprehensive collection of UI widgets that includes lists, menus, forms, carousels and toolbars.
  • Adaptive Layouts, Animations, and Smooth Scrolling: The layout engine leverages HTML5. It simplifies the process of switching from landscape to portrait. Notably, it ensures the pixel perfection as the framework uses best scrolling and animation for each device.
  • Advanced Mobile Charting Package: Sencha ExtJS lets you to represent data, with in-built charts like line, bar and pie charts. Moreover, it provides enhanced features to the charts like pan, zoom and pinch.
  • Device Features and Native Packaging: Integration of Sencha Touch is done with PhoneGap / Cordova for device APIs. Sencha Cmd supports PhoneGap for native packaging.  Also, the tool packages your app for different platforms using single command.
  • Backend Agnostic Data Package: UI widgets decouples the data layer with the robust data package. This protocol agnostic data package allows client-side collections of data using functional models offering features like sorting and filtering.  Back end source consumes the data.

Hire Sencha Touch Developers from LetsNurture

LetsNurture team is expert in implementing Sencha Touch MVC-based JavaScript mobile app framework for building cross-platform hybrid mobile apps. Since Sencha provides strong IDE environment, the application will focus over the design, perfect storm, work quality and easy to use. Furthermore, with the help of  MVC architecture, developers work more efficiently by offering consistent and predictable look and feel across the application.

LetsNurture believes in surpassing the expectations each time with complete dedication. If you are looking forward to hire Sencha touch developers to handle your mobile app work then you are at right place. Moreover, if you want to enhance your customer experience and take a leap ahead of your business with customized mobile applications, write us at

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