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Introduction/Our Capabilities:

Our team(s) at Let’s Nurture specializes in the creation, fabrication, and design of sheet metal products through the use of SolidWorks. We design sheet metal products for fabrication in the following industries: building products and component design, infrastructure design, plant design, machinery design, auto ancillaries, automotive, door and duct, rack, construction, and furniture.

As part of our service, we aid our clients in the creation of sheet metal part and component designs by converting CAD models and 2D drafts into sheet metal products that are used in machine operations. Common machine operations for sheet metal designed products include stamping, bending, and punching. The fabrication of these products, like enclosures and car chassis, is done through our efficient computer-aided design processes in both SolidWorks and Solid Edge, to ensure precise delivery of specified orders.

We work from and deliver on both 2D CAD fabrication drawings, 3D CAD model renderings, and even shop drawings. Common products that we deliver include metal enclosures, automotive parts and components, cabinets, doors, racks, and ducts. Beyond this, we provide sheet metal product designs for large sheet metal assemblies like metal roofing, metal fencing, metal shelter structures, and windows, which all can be converted to BIM ready models. All fabrication sheet metal products adhere to DFM guidelines and all international standards including ASME, ISO, BS, and ANSI. This ensures that all sheet metal products are seamlessly fabricated and are up to industry standard.

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication:

Our team also specializes in custom sheet metal product design and production. This can be anything from industrial equipment to building products, furniture, construction equipment, or HVAC fabrication. Custom sheet metal products are designed with CAD automation and customization through the use of DriveWorks, Configurator 360, and iLogic.

Our Sheet Metal Services:

  • Computer-aided design conversion for products designed in non-editable formats,
  • Conversion processes for hollow solid parts into flat sheet metal patterns,
  • Conversion processes for solid modelling into sheet metal welds,
  • Conversion processes for standard parts into sheet metal drawings,
  • 2D sheet metal fabrication drawings,
  • 2D sheet metal manufacturing drawings,
  • 2D sheet metal large assembly drawings,
  • 3D modelling for sheet metal products that have gussets, ribs, collars, miters, bends, and edges,
  • Online product configurator and CPQ solutions,
  • Bill of material solutions,
  • Analysis of stress concentration and limited load values on all product designs using ANSYS Mechanical.

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