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Introduction/Our Capabilities:

Here at Let’s Nurture, we provide our clients with support services in all leading CAD design automation solutions, including custom fabrication in SolidWorks and DriveWorks. This allows all fabricators that work with us in CAD Design, the flexibility to be adaptive in their engineering requirements and specifications. Our design automation services allow for the adoption of flexible, adaptive, and demand-driven manufacturing processes through our engineer-to-order environment. Not only does this speed up product delivery-time but it allows for responsive answers to customer inquiries during the order process.

Design & Automation INFO:

We specialize in enhancing business productivity throughout all manufacturing processes, as our design automation solutions allow us to configure and automate all repetitive product designs. As an authorized partner for SolidWorks and DriveWorks, our automation solutions empower clients by increasing the speed at which custom fabricated products are configured thereby enhancing profit margins.

Our shop floor setting allows us to deliver on sales configurations by boosting the available products. All products are automated to industry standards, including designs made for sheet metal fabrications, ETO products, and furniture manufacturers. We can deliver on all shop fitting furniture, including all types of residential and commercial pieces.

Here at Let’s Nurture, we understand that product manufacturers need to penetrate the market at the right time to capitalize on potential sales and growth. This is why we also specialize in Autodesk’s Inventor, Configurator 360, and iLogic, to ensure that all fabrication drawings and BOMs are generated automatically, when needed. This helps fabricators and manufacturers manage both production and inventory stock.

What Our Software Entails:

our software support services include industry leading CAD automation software, including SolidWorks and DriveWorks. With over ten years of experience in the industry, our leading mechanical engineers have extensive experience in both of these software applications and are able to deliver on both product design, discovery, and configuration.

For SolidWorks we are able to provide the following services.

  • Provide 3D surface and solid modeling,

  • Provide multi-component assembly,

  • Provide part component modeling and assembly,

  • Provide machinery and equipment design,

  • Create 2D to 3D design conversions,

  • Provide 2D fabrication drawings,

  • Provide 2D manufacturing,

  • Provide nesting reports and sheet metal design,

  • Provide automated quantity takeoffs, RFIs, and BOMs.

For DriveWorks we are able to provide support for the following services.

  • Support for online product configuration,

  • Support for user interface and forms,

  • Project validation, discovery, and configuration,

  • Support for training, mentoring, and all forms of activation.

  • We use autopilot, user, live, and administrative modules.

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