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Smart home App
Smart home App

For more than 3 decades, Smart Home App Development has been a promise – that hasn’t been delivered yet. But now the Digital Electronics Manufactures, the Home Appliances Manufacturers and the Third Party Developers – they are all gearing up to deliver much awaiting “Home Automation Application” through Smart Home App Development to let the users live the dream of Smart Home.

So what exactly has changed now? The internet of the things and the number of handheld devices aka – Smart Phones & Tablets makes much this possible. Smart home app development itself has become a serious concept due to the availability of higher bandwidth and the extensions rich platforms to build digital electronics gadgets for every possible use inside a Home. And using the handheld devices powered by iOS and Android offers the extensibility to autonomously operate these gadgets – seamlessly.

iOS10 Home Kit from Apple

In June 2014, Apple announced the launch iOS8 by this fall. Two of the main features covered by the company are – Extensibility and HomeKit. HomeKit is Apple’s effort to provide and ideal example of smart home app by making the iPhones and iPads a single handheld device to control all the possible digital electronics equipment inside a home that features Smart home app attributes.

So the first scope it creates is for the Manufactures is that it creates plugins / extensions that other Apps can use to integrate functionality for their products. But the larger scope is for the Third Party Application developers. Using the features of extensibility, Third Party App developers can create a single app that covers a majority of these extensions and provides a single app to the customer. And by using the smart home app, customers manage the Home Automation devices from the notification window of their Apple device. Smart Home App Development is the prominent solution for the hardware and software solution for home automation application.

Google NEST

The duopoly of Apple and Google is certainly making Smart Phone user’s life better. In June 2014, Google also announced their next step towards smart home app development for making its purpose, a reality. Google Nest is also gearing up to allow other Home Automation Products’ Manufacturers and Third Party developers to connect with Nest Smart Thermostat to make home automation application, a reality. And with the large portfolio of Android users across the globe, there is a huge market for Smart Home App for Android devices too.

Smart Home App Development at LetsNurture

At LetsNurture, we encourage our Business Consultants to venture into niche technological domains. And therefore, we have distinguished exposure into Augmented Reality Apps, Beacons Apps and Smart Home App Development.  To get in touch with one of our Business Consultants for any inquiry on home automation application development, please email us on


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