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Apple Push Notification Service Not Working? Try Changing Firewall Settings

Apple Push Notification service (APNs) is a simple, efficient and high capacity transport service that is at the core of the push notifications feature. The service helps in transmitting messages or push notifications to iOS and OS X devices. These devices receive notifications over a persistent connection by establishing encrypted and accredited IP connections with the APN service.

Service-to-Device Connection

Service-to-Device Connection

Why isn’t it working for me?

If the APNs isn’t working, there could be a server or client based issue. A common problem is the device being unable to connect to Apple’s server because the device doesn’t have a cellular data account or signal despite being connected to Wi-Fi. As a direct and persistent connection is a must for APNs, the device won’t be able to use the service if the Wi-Fi network has a proxy server.

Push Notification

Push Notification

What should I do?

The address block range needs to be allowed in your firewall settings as it is assigned to Apple. Moreover, the below ports need to be opened so that APNs traffic can get past your firewall:

  • TCP port 2195; which is used to send notifications to the APNs
  • TCP port 2196; which is used by the APNs feedback service
  • TCP port 5223; which is used by iOS and OS X devices to communicate with APNs servers
  • TCP Port 443; which is used when a device is unable to communicate to the APNs on port 5223 as a fall back on Wi-Fi


1.   http://support.apple.com/kb/TS4264

2.  https://developer.apple.com/library/ios/documentation/NetworkingInternet/Conceptual/RemoteNotificationsPG/Chapters/ApplePushService.html

Amazon’s Dash: An Amazingly Easy Way to Purchase Groceries and More!

How would you like to receive your grocery delivered right outside your doorstep without having to step out of your house? And no, you don’t have to ring up someone and give them a list of all that you need. Just scan barcodes or record what you need in your voice with Amazon’s Dash and voilà you’re done!

amazon dash

Amazon dash

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is true! Right now, this is a reality only for residents of Seattle, Southern California and San Francisco where AmazonFresh stores are located. But don’t be disheartened because this year, AmazonFresh has plans to expand to about 20 other urban areas in and outside the US.

So what exactly is Amazon’s Dash? It’s like a magic wand with an LED barcode scanner and a microphone. It’s a hand-held device the size of a remote. When you run out of stuff, you point the Dash at the barcode on the item you need or you can order generic items such as eggs and apples by speaking into the microphone. The Dash is Wi-Fi enabled so you can pair it up with your smartphone or computer. The items you need are sourced from AmazonFresh and you can see the list of items you selected on the paired mobile or laptop. You can then progress to making payment and scheduling a delivery time as per your convenience. Now you will never run out of flour, breakfast cereal or toilet paper!

Want to get your hands on the Dash? Sadly enough, you’ll have to wait for AmazonFresh to set up stores in your locality.

Ref :-  http://www.engadget.com/2014/04/04/amazon-dash-amazonfresh/

What we did in March

The third month “March” was just like usual financial year end month filled with Projects and training programs.  Finishing projects and clearing backlog was the main goal during March.

Lets Nurture: Strengthening of Teams

New member named Ankita joined us in SEO departments, Pankaj and Ankit joined us in PHP department . In Android we had one trainee named Darshil joined us in Android Department along with new android team members Hiral and Priyal.

month of March for with 2 PHP and 1 iOS trainee

March was a month were we had lots of challenging projects and our LNT was a great support during that time. We see the same for the coming months and hence our team is going to extent to a greater amount in the coming years.

New websites & Applicatinos for client

In websites we had worked on many websites some are as below

Zolaalexander – http://www.zolaalexander.com/

mattbrown – (on our demo server) – http://letsnurture.co.uk/demo/mattbrown/

Blumax – on our demo server http://www.letsnurture..co.uk/demo/bluemax/

Launched Android App Social Sweep Stakes For Our Client  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.SocialSweepstake.app

Social Sweep Stake Website http://www.insaneye.com/

Social SweepStack

GDG Women Techmakers

Our entire female developer team was present  in GDGAhmedabad Women Techmaker event.GDG Event for Women Techmakers was organized on 22nd March 2014 and our team participated in the event to make the best use of the whole event.


Birthday Celebaration: CAKE time ;)

Birthday of Jignesh and Deepak’s was celebrated on 31st March. Cake cutting was done and all enjoyed the cake at the end of the day.

Birthday Celebration LetsNurture

Birthday Celebration LetsNurture

Lets Nurture Embraces the iBeacon Phenomenon for Technologically Advanced Apps

At Lets Nurture, we believe in evolving along with the rest of the world. People are experimenting with iBeacon and putting this technology to use in a wide range of industries- banking, healthcare, restaurants, offices and lots more.

iBeacon uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Bluetooth 4.0 and geofencing over a limited range. The range of the device changes according to function and varies from a radius of a few centimeters to 10 meters. The device can send messages to mobile devices and also receive messages from them via applications specially created to support this technology. Apps are made by companies and a user needs to download a company’s app on their phone in order to receive updates, notifications or offers from them.


Imagine walking into a bank and receiving a welcome message or directions to the cashier! How wonderful can it be to receive a promotional message on your smartphone for a particular product when you walk past it in a supermarket? Yes, iBeacon can do all of this and much more! Needless to say, the technology can boost business or sales.

At Lets Nurture, we are working to provide all possible benefits of this wonderful technology through special applications created by our team. Get in touch with us to know more!

Blood Monk Can Help People in More Ways Than One

Engaging in social work gives one a feeling of genuine happiness. As an IT firm, Lets Nurture put their heart and soul into creating an iPhone application that is social work all the way.

Blood Monk is the name of this wonderful application that was created with an aim to help people donate blood and receive blood in times of need. With the difficulties one faces when one needs to receive blood, it was imperative to this Ahmedabad based company to do its part for the society. Users of this application can find the names of blood donors in their city and first-hand information regarding the nearest hospital within minutes on their smartphones.

Blood Monk iOS Mobile Application |Android Mobile Application

The application has three tabs. The first is the ‘Register Blood Monk’ tab. Clicking on this tab enables users to do their bit for others by registering as a blood donor. One can register a relative for this noble deed too. The second is the ‘Search Blood Monk’ tab. Users are able to select their blood group and locality. Related users of the application having the same blood group and residing in the same area can be located by clicking on the ‘Search’ button. These donors can be called, messaged or emailed by clicking on any one of them and getting their contact details. The third tab is the ‘Monks on Map’ tab. This displays all information regarding registered donors, major hospitals and blood banks on Google Map. Users are able to filter results according to their needs.

So if you are willing to do something for others, register right away. Not everyone may be comfortable with the idea of donating blood.

iOS Mobile Application  | Android Mobile Application

What we did in February

The Shortest month “February” was full of celebrations and events.

Valentine Day feel at Lets Nurture

Valentine’s day was celebrated in Lets Nurture where we had kept a surprise desktop theme for our team members along with a dress code of Red and White theme. Chocolates were also distributed to all …

Tech Quiz Contest at Lets Nurture: Learning Made Enjoyable

There was a Tech Quiz Contest at Lets Nurture on 28th February 2014 where the potential of each member was examined in their area during the quiz by forming 4 teams. Best three team were qualified for the Level II which was a Rapid Fire round. Trophies along with a cash Prize of Rs. 5000 and Rs 2500 was awarded to Winner (Gold Team) and 1st Runner up (Silver Team) who scored the highest in the Buzzer round. It was a great learning experience for all the developers and Trainees. Audience and people outside of the organization also got an opportunity to win cash vouchers. They got updated with the latest technology and this quiz had also helped them professionally to be updated in order to be at the peak in this ever competitive profession. For all the developers and Trainees it is very necessary to excel themselves with currents updates going on in the market. This will help them to create core competency in their filed.



Birthday Celebaration: CAKE time ;)

Birthday of Vishnu and Chitra’s was celebrated on 28th February at the end of the event. Cake cutting was done along with the sip of Mazaa and photoshoots were going on….Everyone had a gala time with a talent round in which Prachi sung a song and Kuldip did a mimicry of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.


Life Quotes App.

We have launched a new android application which will give you a very good life quotes on daily basis . App has very elite User interface with very interesting quotes. It Is just a like a best combination of content & design.  Don’t forget to try it ..

iBeacon Demo & Chromecast Experiments

we have started iBeacon development as well as playing with Chromecast. Our Mobile team is advancing on latest technologies, which is always a good sign for any organization.

App Marketing Contract

We have recently got an app marketing contract with one of our reputed client.  Our Digital Marketing team is committed to give large number of downloads to our client.

Tech Quiz means Knowledge with Fun

The Tech Quiz event was organized at Lets Nurture on 28th February, 2014 at 5:30 pm. With Support of Mr. Ketan and Mr. Utpal we had a successful and an eye opening event.

We had 4 teams named Diamond, Gold, Silver and Bronze which consisted of different technology like Android, iOS, PHP, SEO and QA/Designer/Trainee. The reason of dividing the team technology wise is to make the team strong with all the technology. Bronze team had maximum Trainees and they really gave a good attempt. Read More

Things Are Rolling For Quiz At LetsNurture

Lets Nurture is organizing a Tech Quiz Contest on Today evening…Our Veterans like Utpal , Ketan has planned this event to lift up spirit of togetherness.


We learn and nurture more while playing in the same way we thought of organizing an event which is full of fun and which will help our team to explore and update their knowledge in this ever expanding  Tech world. Read More

An App that Provides Testing Solutions for Mobile App Developers

Technology has been changing every few days or months. New mobile solutions and applications are being used by the clients worldwide. However, there is always a need for a service to test every smart phone platform and operating system.

Information on TestFlight

This app is for the managers, testers and mobile developers to provide them a testing service solution that they can work on effectively. The app provides the testers an efficient work approach to test the iOs and Android SDK platforms.

There are some issues that the testers and developers regularly face while developing the apps. Some of the issues relate to the locating the beta testers for testing apps, manage them alongside the work and get the required feedback.  The testflight is the right app that solves these issues in a simple manner. One simply has to register into the web service and download the app from their devices. This app can be used for beta testing, crash reporting and analytics as well.

Use of Testing on Apps

A Team of testers can be created to work on different jobs. Distributions lists can be created to communicate with testers and send them notifications on the new upload and send it to them. But one has to be sure that the devices that are registered are defined in the apple website for developers on the provisioning portal.

A network of beta testers can be created with the assistance of this app and ask them to test an app that is been recently built. But, the users are now required to visit the website from their devices for viewing available build of applications. An URL can be shared with colleagues if one wants to advertise a beta campaign. Besides, the failed uploads of apps an also be removed effectively.

The Crash Report Feature of TestFlight

Interestingly all the TestFlight features for devices come at no charges to the clients. Feedbacks can easily be availed with help of the dashboard feature.

The Report feature provides a black box for beta testing transparency that assists a user to see which testers have received the apps.  All these can be worked upon effectively on Android and iOs platforms.

The TestFlight SDK is one of well accepted SDK’s across the globe for iOs and Android, where it helps in tracking the work of testers, their progress, and identifies the crashes with required check points.

Other Advantages of Using TestFlight

The crash reports are given to the user with snapshots and full session activity. Remote logging is made possible in this app so that users can log in from anywhere and view the testing activity. Also, Flight Path, the real-time analytics engine gives a close assessment about audience behaviours and production clashes that is important for any developer or tester of smart phones.

The other features and advantages of the TestFlight apps are:

  • Email builds notifications
  • Active Sessions
  • Email Feedback
  • Checkpoints
  • App updates and feedback
  • Effective crash reports
  • API uploads

This is why the Test Flight app has been popular among testers and developers of smartphone apps.

What we did in January

Lets Nurture, the word itself portraits growth and development. January, the 1st month of the New Year started with achievements and fun.

eChai App Challenge: Lets Nurture, An Outright Winner

We won two prizes for on 5th January: Best App and Peoples choice at eChai App Challenge. The event was held at IIM Ahmedabad. Winning these awards made us realize that it was sheer hardwork put in by our team members from different departments. The team consisted of Pratik and Priyank for android, Dhaval for designing, Bhavin for PHP and last but not the least, the back bone of the whole event; Mr Utpal Betai. In the month of January, several changes took place and lots of development was implemented.

eChat App Award

App Fest Lets Nurture: Learning Made Enjoyable

There was an App Fest at Lets Nurture on 13th January where the potential of each member was examined in their area and there was cash prize distribution held for the best 3 teams who made the best App. Trophies for several categories including best application in Android/iOS, best team, best presentation, best design etc. was awarded. It was a great learning experience for all the developers and designers. They learnt the ins and outs of team work, co-ordination etc. The kites were also distributed during this event as the Kite Festival was nearing. We also distributed Kites during Kite festival to all our team members.


Lets Nurture: Strengthening of Teams

Some new members joined us in different departments making the team grow at its best. Kamlesh , Kirit  and Jiten  joined in the iOS department, Neha  joined in the designing department, Megha joined in the Front end developing team, Kalwyna joined as the content writer and Rahul joined in the Android Team.

New Office in Kalasagar

Due to the increase in the team we had new office in Kalasagar which is now all set and we have different teams at the new office which consists of BD team, SEO/Content Writer team.

New Trainees at LetsNurture

Many new trainees joined into in iOS training named Lay, Ankit, Hardik and Pooja. In PHP we have Sejal, Ketan and Krutik. In Android we have Priyanka and Abhishek.

New days, New ways!

On account of the growth in the team, a new office was constructed at Kalasagar Mall which is almost ready. The BD team and the content writing teams work in these office. Several new trainees also joined in the iOS and Android training. We are expecting ‘Lets Nurture’ to grow with each passing day on account of the events that have been happening in the company. Kudos to the new teams!

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