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Lets Nurture Celebrates Joyous June with A Set of New Goals!

Goals and more goals. Lets Nurture has a bagful of them. And if you grab just one, you are a winner! The month of June just got over and it did not rain at all to the surprise of many. :( But at Lets Nurture, it was raining goals, achievements, new employees and more. So here’s what we had in the month of June:

Creative Crackerjacks

Lets Nurture has always been quite lucky when it comes to having a highly creative team of employees…and the best part is that the spark of creativity is observed at the training sessions which are held for amateur professionals. The keenness among the authorities to find the best of talents has led them to have some very skillful professionals.

The company found 2 gems, Priyanka and Ketan who have now joined as Android and PHP developers at Lets Nurture. The new trainees that are getting trained on the iOS technology are Gati, Dhaval and Ashutosh. The Business Department of Lets Nurture was joined by Parth, who is a dynamic Business Developer and an proficient Tech-Blogger.

Rendezvous with Martin Wijnbergen on 7th June

The knowledge of business communication is a powerful tool and is very much a part of every organization. On 7th June we had a visitor from Holland, the land where beautiful tulips grow…Mr Martin Wijnbergen; who is a creative designer, entrepreneur and a dear friend of the Nurturer, Mr Ketan Raval. Martin provided insights on European culture, the market of consumers in western countries and other creative aspects.


As the evolving economies are inculcating the the culture of powerhouse nations; Martin explained about the cultural collision, the pros and cons of it and the traces left behind by different cultures. Martin left the team leaders and senior employees of Lets Nurture in high-spirits we must say!

Nurturing, Goal setting and Beyond

It is very important for the employees of any company to cope with the new technologies, latest enhancements,and the ever-changing ways of corporate behaviour. To make sure that it happens in the right way, Ms Asmi; a successful IT consultant, conducted one on one sessions with the employees of Lets Nurture to know about their goals, difficulties and provided apt counseling to overcome their difficulties.

Crux Meeting

The monthly meet for the SEO and mobile developers was also conducted by the Team Leads and Project Managers to ensure smooth and stress-free working of the employees. The upcoming goals and agendas were also discussed in the meeting which gave great and expected outputs to the company. The regular skill enhancement sessions for the trainees are also conducted at Lets Nurture regularly.

Alluring Apps and Website Crafting

Our team of developers always believe evolving and making a mark by crafting new applications and websites. Here’s the list of websites we worked upon:

3D Printer Leasing Web Portal

We have successfully delivered a project for 3D Printer leasing company, it was very good project where we had to create customized preview of STL file for 3D model preview.

Martinhal Beach Resort & Hotel Booking Website

We have been working various property & hotel booking website. Martinhal is one of the top notch website we have developed. Customer is very much satisfied & we are in discussion for mobile app development as well..

Hobieclub Website Delivered

Client is from Hongkong & very much enthusiastic about Sailors & community. We are glad to deliver this with a satisfied feedback.

Beacon & Chromecast App Development

During Google i/o we demonstrate few fantastic stuff like beacon demo, chromecast app development.

Google I/O Event: Lets Nurture Hosts the Screening

Our company was proud to have received co-operation and participation from Google Developers’ Group of Ahmedabad for being present at the Google I/O event screening at Lets Nurture. The who’s who and the most experienced developers along with the employees of Lets Nurture had the best time as Google unveiled mind-blowing android technologies out of its tech-kitty.

Google I/O

As a result, you can now wear and drive Android!

GESIA Awards: A Melodious Lead

Priyank and Prachi represented Lets Nurture at the GESIA Awards Night and proved that we are not just an IT company but are also blessed with brilliant artists!

Gesia Award Ceremony

The duo performed a melody ‘Mile Sur Mera Tumhara’ in front of a huge audience including foreign delegates and displayed their musical streak. They were the lead singers at the GESIA Award night and we are thankful to the GESIA authorities for providing us with this golden opportunity.

Birthday Time!

As we always want an opportunity to celebrate and party, birthday celebrations are the most awaited occasion. This time we had a blast by celebrating birthdays of Harshil, Ilesh, Navdha, Priyank and Ankita!

Keep reading this space for more!

Lets Nurture Rocked The YMCA Stage with A Musical Melody on The GESIA Awards Night!

If I ask you about the relation or equation between Music and IT, you might come up with “Nothing!” However, you might not be aware that various corporates are flooded with talented people whose talents remain hidden in a cocoon unless the company authorities discover them.

Discovering talents

Since Lets Nurture has always looked into the overall development and nurturance of its employees, it took no time for them to discover the vocalists ‘Priyank and Prachi ‘; the employees that keep the ambiance of the office alive with their musical notes! Priyank, who often records his own productions in his studio and Prachi; a professional vocalist have not only worked for Lets Nurture but have also rendered their voices on various platforms and reality shows.

Priyank on behalf of Letsnurture in Gesia award

GESIA’s Initiative

Lets Nurture and its authorities were invited to be a part of GESIA Awards event which was organized on 27th June; Friday at the YMCA club. Also known as Gujarat Electronics and Software Industries Association; the organization bestows accolades and acknowledgement to the companies that have carved a niche in the electronics and software industries.

Melodies Merged

As entertainment is a part of every event, GESIA had come up with an idea to gather the talented vocalists of various companies and make them perform a melodious track, “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara” to show the unity in diversity aspect of our country as well as the strong connection that the IT companies of Gujarat share.

Gesia Award Ceremony

The authorities of GESIA were quite surprised with the extraordinary talent of Priyank and Prachi and they were asked to be the lead vocalists while recording the track.

Lets Nurture Rocked the Stage

As soon as Priyank and Prachi started singing the melody in their soothing voices, they were welcomed with a huge round of applause from the audience. The foreign delegates from the UK were quite surprised by hearing the group of talented artists who rendered this difficult to sing track in such an effortless manner.

Prachi @ Gesia Award

This initiative for sure, bridged the gaps between various employees and brought them closer musically. It was a huge privilege for Lets Nurture to get acknowledgement on such a huge platform and the event will be remembered for a lifetime!

Drive to Your Destiny: Google Maps Updated for Android Wear!

Since the release of Android wear, many are expecting to get the update of Google Maps as it was not working properly. There was a problem with the navigation commands that didn’t work properly. After a long time, Google unveiled the update at Google I/O. The android lovers present in the conference were the luckiest to get the Android smart-watches. Anyway, the company has announced that more watches will be released after a month.

This version (8.1.1) of Google Maps has changed the context of using it on the smart-watches. Many of the users have experienced the features of Android Wear at Google I/O live and also tried them on their wrists. It will be soon updated on all the smart-watches shortly. Let us see some of the carving features of this latest version:


Google wearable devices


3D Street View:

Now it is easy to use Google Maps on your Android Wear as it shows all the streets in a 3D way. The users were truly fascinated by this feature a lot when it was unveiled at Google I/O.

3D street view through Google Map 

Enhanced GPS Navigation:

This feature has comparatively improved than the older version. As there were some bugs in the older version, GPS was not working properly. But with this version, all the features of GPS navigations are fixed. Users can now experience amazing and seamless navigation with voice messages on the android wear.


Google GPS for Car


Know the popular hubs:

You can get the information about all the business and popular hubs in your surroundings. Make sure that you switch ON the GPS as soon as you start the Google Maps to track the locations.


Text and voice search:

Gone are the days when you searched by text. It’s all about using the microphone on your smart-watch to search for any place on the earth. Just speak out the place you would like to visit and leave the rest on the Google. Finding your destination was never easier!

These are some alluring features of Google Map which was updated especially for Android wears presented at Google I/O.

Google I/O 2014

Lets Nurture, an android app development company was eagerly waiting for Android Wear’s release. They have already developed many apps for android users and now looking forward to develop some useful apps for smart-watches.

This update has fixed all the bugs in the Google Maps for android smart-watches. It will be soon available in all the stores, expected to be out in next month. Keep watching for more news!

For latest Google I/O updates related Application development contact us.

Live Streaming of GOOGLE I/O 2014 Extended Event for GDG Ahmedabad Members! Lets Nurture Becomes A Proud Host!

Google is a bundle of surprises, and we are the receivers of such tech-rich goodies! Google’s platform innovations are always anticipated among the developers and hence the Google Developers Group in Ahmedabad was pretty excited to watch the live screening of GOOGLE I/O 2014 Extended Event. Needless to say, when the events are held at Lets Nurture, the excitement doubles up!

Google I/O

A Warm Welcoming

The event was organized on 25th June 2014 at 7:15 pm and several developers were a part of it. The registration of the event started at the Lets Nurture office around 7:15 pm. As soon as the registration was done, a welcoming speech was given by Paresh, the head and organizer of GDG Ahmedabad and Utpal, the Project Manager at Lets Nurture. Paresh gave a brief speech on the expectations from the event and Utpal acquainted the developers with Lets Nurture and it’s commitment to nurture ideas and technologies.

ChromeCast Live Demo

Beacon, ChromeCast and More..

Before the live streaming of the event commenced, the senior developers of Lets Nurture; Priyank, Dhananjay and Pratik gave some incredible inputs through their presentations.

Priyank and Dhananjay gave a live presentation on Beacons and how its implication is influencing thousands of tasks. Pratik’s powerful presentation on ChromeCast followed next. His views on how ChromeCast can be the future of TV was quite intuitive.

Beacon Live Demo

Scrumptious Pizza Treat

It is quite a known fact that the people of Ahmedabad are food freaks. And when Pizza is added to tempt their tastebuds, there can’t be a better way to party! Everyone at the event gave in to their temptations by having delicious Pizza. Various news and views were discussed among the who’s who of the IT industry. Quite obviously, Google’s I/O Keynote live streaming was the talk of the party. After the small treat, the live streaming of event began at around 9pm.

Google I/O 2014: Android, Android Everywhere!

Android technology is omnipotent and everyone is aware about it. In the beginning of the event, Mr Sundar Pichai, the senior vice president of Google opined that Android has around 1 billion active users. The event initiated with the launch of ‘Android One’ program. This program is aimed at unifying the android experience for the smart phone developers and users.

Google Live Streaming

“Android L” Version Launched

Android’s L version was launched which featured a new cross platform UI known as Material Design. This version has offered precise tools to the developers so that they can make customized typography, colour as well as grid changes. It will also enable the designers to make smooth animations through 60 fps by using Polymer, which is a prototyping tool.

Wear, drive and watch Android!

Google made a presentation of its Android Wear SDK to flaunt some functionalities of Android wearables. The touchscreen user interface will enable the users to swipe across Google Now cards as well as other supported applications from their paired smartphone, and give the “Ok Google” prompt for creating reminders, making notes, setting alarms, making calls and more. As soon as the user will install and app from the play-store of one’s smarthphone, a wearable counterpart will be installed on their smart watches and the features will get synced.

The Android Auto technology, which is a voice-enabled technology was also announced. It can be utilized by the users to connect the devices while driving.

So when one connects the driver’s smart phone with Android Auto car, it will offer shortcut to different locations and will give suggestions for seamless navigation. This technology will be released at the end of this year.

Entertainment is now sure to get a twist through Android TV which will enable the viewers to watch live TV and YouTube clips. What’s more is people will be able to use remote control as well as smart watch for controlling the TV.

To enhance the gaming experience of the users, Google has made it possible to get the Playstore on Android TV!

ChromeCast Control

Gone are the days when you had to be on the same Wi-Fi network for casting content to ChromeCast! One can now search the nearest devices by connecting on cloud. In case ChromeCast does not identify your device, it will ask for your pin.

Apps: Now Compatible with Chromebook:

Android technology has now become robust enough to send notifications to the Chrome book for giving a perfect user experience. It will be compatible with Chromebook including Evernote, Vine and Flipboard.

Google also announced that in order to optimize app crafting and testing, it has acquired Appurify which is a mobile test automation service.

With such fascinating announcements from Google, the event couldn’t get better!

Here’s ending with a small note of gratitude to everyone for being present at the GoogleIO2014 Extended event hosted by Lets Nurture.

“Keep rearing ideas and enliven us!”

Apple Grants The Access of Touch Id to Third-Party App Developers!

With the launch of iPhone 5S, Apple has integrated one of their significantly critical patents to provide additional security to the iPhone users. The iPhone 5S, is equipped with Touch ID sensor which allows the users unlock their iPhones and complete the purchases in Apple App Store & iTunes, using their fingerprint.

iPhone 5s

Ward off the security issues

Security is becoming a growing issue for the Smart Phone users with the amount (& type) of data stored and accessed by using the hand-held devices. And the loss of device with lower security features could be an obnoxious experience! However at present, the implementations of Touch ID are been limited to iPhone 5S & to native Apple Apps.

Access to the App developers

At WWDC 2014, amongst various other features, Apple announced the feature of access to Touch ID in iOS 8 to the third-party App developers. More significantly, the company is likely to increase their support to Touch ID in other Apple devices too. Therefore, the user won’t have to remember different passwords for different Apps. Moreover, the iOS developers will be able to provide the users with Apps that are way more secure.

iOS 8 update

Confidentiality rendered

Another likely feature Touch ID can provide is scanning of the Credit Cards through the iPhone & iPad Camera and fill in the details automatically during the check-out process. The unique functionality of Touch ID never actually reveals any of the details to third-parties. The data remains in the A7’s secure enclave and Apple’s KeyChain assets keep the information sealed.

Impeccable features

The commercial implementations of availability to use the hardware & software features of Touch ID are flawless. The Touch ID features will provide a more secure tool to the m-Commerce industry. While implementing the newly launched APIs such as – HealthKit & HomeKit, the information sharing & access to the Apps can be managed by Touch ID.

Healthkit with iOS Application

We, at Lets Nurture have a strong portfolio of iOS App development projects. As the Beacon technology is still in the testing phase with major providers (WalMart, Virgin Atlantic – to name a few), we have already completed a project delivering an App to support the technology.

Our team of iOS developers and analysts are excited with the iterations to iOS 8 and are looking forward to provide futuristic Apps. Write to us to understand the scope of your project! For more Contact us.

Apple’s iOS8 HealthKit: An Effective Tool to Provide Dynamic Health Management!

Huge requirement it is becoming, to have a single App to manage various Health related data of the user. Currently an iPhone user is loaded with various Diet Apps and Fitness Apps which store the data through exercise trackers & wearables. Apple’s Health App & the HealthKit API is the answer to growing requirement of Healthcare segment of the Mobile Apps.

HealthKit for iOS application

Apple’s Health App will work as a Central Unit fetching data from various health & fitness Apps. The HealthKit API will make the data exchange possible between various Apps once the developers of the existing Apps integrate support. However, how exactly is Apple calling the implementation of the HealthKit API life-changing?

Let’s have a close look at the life of an average user with an iOS device, equipped with Health & Fitness Apps. Post the morning exercise, the exercise tracker App will have the exact data on calories burnt, blood pressure, etc. Availability of this data to the diet App, allows the developers have robust presentation of the Diet Program based on distinct use cases. The result – iPhone will operate as personal dietician.

Healthkit with iOS Application

Furthermore, the data over a period (let’s say a month), will provide entire life-cycle of user’s diet & fitness. And that can easily be shared with the Physician or a Fitness Trainer. The Health App will provide a solution to the user having to visit multiple Apps. The overall implementation comes with similar concept as PassBook – loyalty cards, flight boarding passes & coupons – all in one place.

At a broader level, Apple’s aim to provide a single App for all purposes and inter-App data exchange will certainly provide an applied pool of information to the App developers. There are speculations that Apple has suggested lesser insurance premium (US only) to the health-savvy users by sharing the Health data with the Insurance companies. And all of these mind-boggling features with a user centric approach of access to data after mandatory user permission.

Therefore Extensibility & HealthKit – together will allow Third-Party App developers to design a Dynamic Health Management Tool. The iOS developers can expect huge bulk of work for extensions development for hardware gadgets to support HealthKit implementations. And creative developers can choose to develop their own Third-Party App using HealthKit providing an ultimate tool to the iPhone user.

We at Lets Nurture have observed Health & Fitness sector as one of the biggest market for iOS Apps in the past. Our iOS8 developers are ready to face challenging & creative Projects for smarter Apps, Widgets & Extensions in the Health & Fitness sector. Get in touch with one of our Analyst to explore more about the solution you seek. Write to us.

Design Smart Home Application Using iOS8 HomeKit

After the iBeacon at WWDC 2013, another feature to cover the extended network to automated life-style, Apple introduced the HomeKit API – at this year’s developers’ conference. If iBeacon is the answer to leverage external network of the iPhone user, HomeKit is a similar (But Software) extravaganza to control Home Network.

ios 8 updates

As an iOS App developer, if we evaluate both these hardware & software features, iBeacon provides the ultimate micro-location based services in the external world of the user. And the HomeKit API based iOS App will allow the user to control the Home Automation devices such as security, lighting & entertainment gadgets (such as TV).

The HomeKit API will empower the Third-Party providers to create a Single Mobile App to control various Home Automation devices of the user. The features of extensibility will allow the App developers to integrate this App into Notification area with a widget. Moreover, the voice functionality of the Siri will allow the user to give voice commands to control these devices.

Homekit API Application development

Using the Proximity sensor & Location services, soon the user reaches Home, the HomeKit API will automatically control the security device & open the doors, disable the security alarm and then switch the lights on (Provided the Electronic devices support Automated control). The biggest advantage to have all these vulnerable features in an iPhone is Apple’s Sandbox Security Model.

We can expect a huge demand from the Electronics manufactures of the home automation devices to have native Apps and notification area widgets using HomeKit API. Simultaneously, third-party app developers would need a bulk of extensions to provide a single iOS App to support majority of the manufactures in the Home automation domain.

The Jarvis App (Third-Party) has been a miniature of the complete package Apple’s own API – HomeKit can deliver. As we know Jarvis was an attempt to create a Personal Assistant to the iPhone user inspired by the JARVIS of Tony Stark in Marvel Picture’s Iron Man. However, with inter-App communications and other features of Extensibility – HomeKit API is going to be the ultimate tool to design a Smart Home Application.

iOS8 updates

We at Lets Nurture are iOS 8 ready! Our teams of developers are excited to start taking on the iOS Widgets Development and iOS Extensions Development Projects. And our Analysts are constantly reviewing the extended scope to the iOS App development Projects through implementation of the impeccable enhancements to the iOS8 framework.

Write to us for details on how your Project can be carried out.

May Gets Merrier As Lets Nurture Beats The Heat through Several Events!

This summer, the temperatures in Ahmedabad were soaring upto 46 degrees; but the employees at Lets Nurture had a several reasons to smile and beat the heat! Read ahead to know how we made the may month merrier and cooler:

Fresh associates:

The month of May had some new associates including Harshil who joined in the content writing department, Ilesh who joined as a senior SEO executive and Meshva joined the designing department. Meshva was a trainee at Lets Nurture and was offered a job here.

New trainees that joined in the PHP and iOS training included Vivek, Bhoomi, Dhaval and others.

Call for Action!

The idea of implementing and researching on call for action was given by the Nurturer, Mr Ketan Raval. As he asked the girl gang of the SEO team to give presentations on the same, their enthusiasm knew no bounds! On 1st May,  Ankita, Rajal and Prachi gave a presentation on Call for Action to the SEO team as well as the designers.

Call to Action

  • Ankita, gave a presentation about the importance of Call for Action and how it is influencing the SEO.
  • Rajal, presented her useful insights on the A/B testing
  • Prachi shared how content influences Call for Action

Games Galore

All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy…thought the HR Rupal, and in no time, she organized wonderful games for the team members of Lets Nurture. The major intent behind planning these games was to acquaint the old and new employees and make stronger connections in the team! And for sure, the teams had fun.

Nokia Portathon Event: A Dual Win!

Isn’t it great when you get to win again and again? Lets Nurture employees did just that! Kirit and Priyanka made sure that the team wins a Nokia phone yet again by participating in the Nokia Portathon Event. They presented the application ‘Tweet Analysis’ and made Lets Nurture proud.

Nokia Portathone

Launch of Iconic Mobile Apps

The team of developers at Lets Nurture leave no stone unturned when it comes to launching futuristic mobile apps. The apps of Lets Nurture are invented by keeping the end users and their utilities in mind.

Here is the list of the android apps that we launched and their descriptions in brief

1) Calendar Plus: An android application enabling the users to handle their daily tasks smoothly with fantastic month planners. Download Calendar Plus

2) Lets Measure: An application that lets you measure anything right from a credit card to a TV. Just click a picture and you will get the exact width in cms! Download Lets Measure

3) Anatomy Dictionary: An ideal application for medicine students to know the anatomy of all the body systems in detail. Download Anatomy Dictionary

4) Vaccination Reminder: A boon for the parents who forget the important dates of  getting their child vaccinated. Get reminded bang on time! Download Vaccination Reminder

Take a look at the iPhone applications:

1) Fruit Book: A perfect app for the kindergarden children to identify fruits rightly and name them. Download Fruit Book

2) 365 Life Quotes: As the name suggests, one can find 365 wonderful quotes, to make your each day of the year special. Download 365 Life Quotes

3) Driving Licence Practice: An all-new app for the people about to appear for driving tests and exams to make them identify the traffic signs and their meaning. Download Driving Licence Practice

Frutilicious birthday bash

The birthday bashes at Lets Nurture are the most awaited by the employees as there are surprising treats all the time! Kamlesh’s birthday was a real fun with cake cutting. Even more charm was added to the celebration when Kuldip, one of the content writers, distributed freshly plucked mangoes from his house’s backyard. A sweet thought indeed!

Birthday Celebration

iOS8 – Apple’s First Step to Flexibility & Leap Towards New Age of Smart Phones

Apple thrives on customer base addicted to their Premium Features and loses significant number with their rigidity. But this year at their World Wide Developer Conference, the No 2 ranked Smart Phone Manufacturer announced a clear strategy to challenge Google’s Android & Samsung Electronics.

iOS8 updates

This year, there have been no announcements of new iPhone or extended features of the iPad. It has been about the new iterations to the iOS with over 4000 new APIs and new Mac OS. And the most significant news for the iOS developers is the license to create third party iOS widgets & extensions.

Being an iOS developer, we have learnt to live with the constraints imposed by Apple while carrying out development Projects. Since last one year a lot has changed. The iOS7 came (& bettered now) with a lot of media drift. But iOS8 is the answer to the developers who wants to challenge the products available at the Google store to allow personalized user experience.

Apple will now allow Third-Party widgets to be placed in the Notification area. The new APIs will allow the Apps to communicate with each other and exchange data. This means – it will allow a Health & Fitness App to get info from Diet App about what the user has chosen to eat today & the calories burnt – through the new HealthKit API. And further user may wish to share this info with another iPhone user using CloudKit API.

As a Mobile App Development Company, there is a larger requirement of iOS Apps (even before these features) in the Corporate & Business sector. Apple is showing a clear intent to be flexible with their Third-Party constraints. And the advanced features to configure & integrate inter-App communications. It seems no surprise that will boost the requirements for iOS Apps, iOS Widgets & iOS Extensions in the coming months.

iOS 8 update

From the developers’ point of view, the biggest highlight is – ‘Swift’ – the new programming language for Cocoa & Cocoa Touch. ‘Swift is modern, fast & powerful and designed for Safety’ – added by Apple. Therefore, when you hire iOS developer, you need a development team who is well-conversed with the Apple’s changes & transitioned to leverage the offerings.

We at Lets Nurture are excited with the changes and looking forward to challenging Projects to practice our creative & innovative skills to carry out iOS Apps, Widgets & Extensions Projects. Get in touch with our team of Analysts and experience our ability to deliver the solutions for complex Projects. Write to us.

Hire iOS Developer from India – Strategic Outsourcing

Globally the digital merchandisers are focusing the revenues in increasing their presence in the handheld devices as compared to television adverts. And the majority of the users in the developed countries remain loyal to Apple & its products. That keeps iOS App development top priority for the Apprenuers.


Prior to the launch of iOS8, the developers community seems enchanted (again) with the keynotes by Craig Federighi at WWDC 2014. Rightly so, as Apple finally in agreement with Third-Party Widgets & Extensions is a welcome move by iOS developers. However, it also speculates higher requirements for iOS Widget Development & iOS Extension Development Projects in coming months.

Why not consider the strategy to Outsource to India to meet increasing requirements?

India has been one of the major suppliers in the IT & Technologies since past two decades. Hence the talent & ability has been a proven asset while you hire iOS developer from India. What are the other factors which contribute to choosing the strategy of Outsourcing to India?

ios8 apple out source


Cost & Currency Value:

Dollar against Rupee! In comparison to the other competitors in IT outsourcing, the value of India Rupee offers a greater advantage to the Mobile App Development Companies like yours based in USA, EU, Canada & Australia. And at the same time you are not compromising on quality.

Pool of Talent:

The biggest advantage to the Indian iOS App development companies is the abundance of the skilled iOS developers they have. By choosing to partner with them, is having direct access to this talent pool. That delivers against a major challenge, to the technological advancements & leverages of iOS8.

An effective resource management model:

Indian iOS development companies offer customized partnership models. Therefore, it is very likely that you would be able to pick the service model that suits your requirement. The offerings range from hourly based payments to fixed price models. And you also have higher level of customization as per the services you want.

For example, you may only need support for the backend / front end for the Project you have and only limited hours commitment is what you are looking for. Or, you may also choose a fixed price model to extend your development team and get the Project completed in the timeline you choose.

Difference of Time-Zone:

If you believe the time-zone difference is going to be a constraint, then your experience is going to be a lot different. You can have a team of Business Managers and hire iOS developer from India. Allocate the work to your resource in India. And expect the delivery in stipulated time.

hire ios 8 application developer


Security & Non-Disclosures:

If there is a concern over the information you share, the business models while working with the App Development Companies will provide you assurance through Non-Disclosure Agreement.

We at Lets Nurture have been working in the Web & Mobile App development Projects since 6+ years. We have our clientele in various countries such as USA, UK & many others from EU, Australia, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, UAE and Israel. In the span of past 6 years, we have successfully managed a number of challenging iOS App development Projects.

Write to us with your requirement and our analysts will get in touch with you with a complete sketch of your Project & the solution you require.

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