Pet Owners know that pets are a part of their family, and they do not want to experience the pain of losing their pet. It is a knot in any pet owner’s stomach. The statistics show that a huge number of pets go missing annually.

The American Humane Association estimate around 10 million pets is lost every year, while some authorities claim that up to a third of domestic pets stray away from their families and home at some point in their lives. The Pet GPS app development can easily locate your missing pets so they can reunite with their owners safe and sound.

GPS Pet Tracking

The idea of losing a pet is cumbersome and you want to find them quickly and return them home as soon as possible. The reason for having the tracking device and mobile application for your pet is a valuable precaution to take. LetsNurture gives the platform for the pet owners a location based solution for tracking their beloved pets. GPS pet tracker can be used in the Gardens as well.

How to implement GPS Pet Tracker?

By attaching a small GPS tracking device to the collar or harness of your pet, you can assure that your four-legged friend will be safe. The information from the tracking device is sent directly to your mobile application, enabling you to track your pets quickly from anywhere. Moreover, you can also set the digital geofences as well to alert you if your pet leaves a certain area.

Features of Pet GPS Tracker App Development

The GPS tracker located on the Pets’ collar or harness help owners to track their pets as and when needed. The owners can stay updated about their Pet’s’ current location. Moreover, they can also view their Pets’ location history.

  • Application supporting GPS locator tool
  • History of Pets’ last locations
  • Request current location of pet
  • Find the last location of your pet
  • Receive loss notifications to your phone
  • Follow the trace of your pet
  • Monitor your Pet’s health
  • Multiple Pets Tracking
  • Set a virtual fence (Safe Zone) and get geofencing alerts as soon as your pet leaves that area
  • Have peace of mind to know where your four-legged friends are at any time!

LetsNurture – Your only Pet GPS Tracker Solution

Though we all love to be with pets all the time, sometimes we have to be apart. Having a mobile app will help you to keep your pets in your pocket and get you notify when you pet is in need of help,  whether they are lost or if there are notable changes in their activity.

At LetsNurture we’re passionate about protecting pets – so all you can do is focus on fun! We have catered interactive android applications along with iOS apps for industries like Real Estate, Geofencing, Health, Social Networking, Wearable, etc. It has given us immense pleasure to be a part of the development lifecycle of our client’s GEO Location Based App Development.

Our team of developers is skilled in building interactive and intuitive Mobile Apps. Our portfolio of Mobile Application development for iOS and Android will assure you on the scalability of our work. To know more about location-based solution, send us an email to

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So, let’s talk. And we’ll find the gentle, effective, affordable solution that’s right for you and your pet.


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