Script.aculo.us_Development_Service is a set of java script library that enhances the user interface of the web site that helps the user to add visual and ajax effect to the projects. It provides dynamic visual effect (drag and drop, highlighting, fade in, fade out) and user interface elements via document object module. It is most notably included with Ruby on Rails and Seaside, but also provided separately to work with other web application frameworks and scripting languages. extends the prototype javaScript framework by adding visual effects, user interface controls, and utilities. Development Service at Lets Nurture.

  • Visual Effect: We have the expert UI engineers who work in tandem with our javascript professionals to create the visual effect that conveys the message on the internet.
  • Drag & Drop: The website can be more user friendly with drag and drop facility. Our professionals work in this direction and help you to make a website easy to use.
  • Auto-complete: Add Google-like auto-complete feature on your website without troubling the server with our developers.
  • Other features: Like unit testing, playing sound or slider can also be added. We can help the user to select from single or multiple values from given range, we can implement the slider.

Our Front End team has been delivering various interactive web application using libraries. These libraries play a vital role in user experience.


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