For those who are new to the concept of Apple TV, in simple words it is a set-top box designed to bring all the content of iTunes to your television. This device is pretty flexible in use as the HDMI cable can be connected to your TV and later to the Wi-Fi router. Once this set up is done you simply need to enter your log in credentials for Apple and then you are ready to watch anything that you have purchased from your iTunes to television.

Content Streaming:

Apart from this it is also possible to enjoy the music which has previously been purchased from the store. You just need to sync your playlist or the tracks you would like to listen over your television in iTunes and enjoy. Users can also enjoy the preloaded application in Apple TV like sky news, Netflix, Now TV etc. you can use these apps to view content on your television. Airplay is the feature to use the photo and video streaming on your Apple TV. This also enables your television to provide you an access to those applications which you are currently using on your iPad and iPhone.

1080p resolution:

Apple TV is compatible to stream any type of HD content which might be missing on other TV’s. This device gives you an option to enjoy all the application in HD quality including your photographs. The only condition that follows with this is that you just need to hold a TV which is compatible for 1080p resolution.

User friendly interface:

One will always agree to the fact that interface on Apple TV is like a breeze. However, the interface is different from the ones you have it in your iOS and Mac OS X interface. You can use the menu option to flick through the options and choose the application you would like to run it on your television.

Application For Apple TV

Creating an application for an Apple TV is the latest trend which the app makers are following. The simple reason behind that is due to its flexibility, more and more people are turning towards Apple TV. All the above are some of the salient features of owning the Apple TV. The same goes with creating application for Apple TV.

 What kind of App You can build with Apple TV

There are plenty of possibilities with apple tv but Apps which can be shared with large audience , less private content , informative content , family app, education, games, streaming apps etc are pretty handful for applTV.

Extending existing app for AppleTV

Apple is inviting application developer at the moment to convert existing app into TV application. Extending current mobile application for TV Audience can give big boost.



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