Know your customers well to do your business well, now this is something wise for running a successful real business in current virtual world. The whooping online business is getting mammoth day by day, with one and all businesses going online and making space for them selves. But is it that easy for a tiny fish to be visible in the sea ? No is the answer. So for that google analytic integration is necessary.

A lot of brainstorming goes in making a business successful,. Nevertheless with Google analytic integration implemented, it’s a kind a relief in the heat of competition. Google Analytic integration is not just your “web insider” but stupendously important if you are seriously considering the depth and breadth of your website, plan a great digital marketing strategy and frame campaign to increase your business.

Google analytic integration is a web based platform that allows you to collect data about the visitors of your website, the source(how they arrive on your website), what they did and what they were up-to, if they have a potential to be a buyer or not; all the information and more about the user. The scope ofGoogle analytic integration is thus huge and wide depending upon the business.

  • Money is an important(everything) part of a business and everything tosses around these 4 different key areas, so plan accordingly
  • Audience(who is visiting)
  • Source( how are they being directed to your website, eg- twitter, facebook, search engine)
  • Behavior( what they did all the time and what they searched for)
  • Conversion ( Did they complete what you wanted them to do or not)

These 4 points provide you the statistics and information and likewise how you use it to the fullest will make you stand out in the crowd and make money.

Lets take a close look at howGoogle analytic integration can benefit your business.

  • It’s free– You don’t have to pay to use it & that should , make you happy. Money saved is money put for business campaign.
  • Easy set up: Compared to other tools its basic set up is easy but yes you have to do a little homework before you are thorough.
  • Dynamic Customized report: You can create your own report with easy drag and drop options, added with different dimensions and metrics in one report.
  • Visitor’s details: You can know who visited your website for how long and if they did what you wanted. You can check for the geographical location from where traffic is more and can make strategy to extend the reach of your website.
  • Improve your website: It gives you option to improve the website quality to attract more customers. Now when most of the traffic is from mobile, you can know if its time to go mobile friendly.
  • Track Campaign: You can track campaign that is driving traffic to your website. And also know can target the customers who would like to buy your product/services.
  • Budget Allocation: Now that you are thorough with all the required data you can allocate your budget on the attributes you need to concentrate on.

Google Analytic Integration Service

  • Campaign: To keep the attention of your visitor, you need to create campaign that doesn’t take user to a different internal page. It’s a practice to know how a visitor interacts with a website
  • Target: Setting up of a page where you can increase your profit by setting up pages in four different ways- duration, destination, page per session & events.
  • Customised dimensions: This allows you to mix data into Google analytic. This is done according to the business need.
  • Channel grouping: Grouping of sites can increase the traffic and in turn can increase the sales.
  • Integration of Traffic: It gives you option to cut the reporting of internal traffic generated and give accurate result on the actual visitor’s traffic to give fair idea.

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