2022 Dubai Exploration Trip for Team Let’s Nurture


Jun. 22



With an aim to explore new opportunities in the field of IT in Dubai, Payal, Business Development Manager from Let’s Nurture will be off to visit the ‘City of Gold’. Meeting business delegates and entrepreneurs who have achieved extraordinary success, Let’s Nurture intends to deliberate on some of the most promising mobile app development business ideas.

Noted entrepreneurs from the Dubai IT industry will also be a part of this pivotal meet. Let’s Nurture believes that companies in Dubai have ample scope for growing business with IT-based solutions. Thus, through this trip, it aspires to suggest ideas on boosting business with IT-based solutions to the host.

Mr Ketan Raval, CEO of Let’s Nurture had this to say, “With a vision to expand our IT Outsourcing portfolio in the Gulf Region, we will be partnering with selected companies in Dubai. With a global expansion of our team in Canada & Brazil, we aim to provide emerging technologies such as Cloud Solutions, IoT based solutions to this region. We are also open to a bilateral business engagement where we can help GCC-based tech companies enter the North American & South American Markets with our physical presence in this region.”

In this IT era when Dubai is eager to harness the power of technology to make its economy shine brighter than ever, this move by Let’s Nurture promises to be fruitful. It will also be a precursor to strengthening the relationship between Dubai and India’s IT industry.

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