Seven great Co-working spaces in the Baltimore area


Jun. 22



Baltimore is a bustling state full of exciting and innovative industries, with more cropping up each day. If you’re someone looking to start your own business or small company, or if you have a business currently in need of a place to house your staff & company, then you’re in luck! The Baltimore area is home to plenty of awesome coworking spaces and business incubation companies, designed to get smaller businesses off the ground and scale outwards. Today, we’re going to cover seven of our favourite coworking spaces in Baltimore, as well as the many benefits and amenities offered by some of these spots. Let’s begin!

Beehive Baltimore


Located on N. Haven Street in the Baltimore Highlands, this coworking space was originally located in Canton for six years before moving to what’s now known as Highland Forge. Beehive Baltimore is an emerging technology centre, meaning it offers potential coworking space customers the ability to use new and innovative technologies in building their business. There’s also free parking, fitness & conference rooms, and memberships starting as low as $75 a month.



Betamore is more than just a coworking space for businesses. It also offers unique incubator business opportunities and academy programs, which can grow your knowledge of how to run a business and provide you with new skills to help scale your business in the near future. Betamore also offers free admission to various events like networking, public speakers, and demonstrations; as well as workshops to learn various skills.

Charles Village Exchange


Situated in the small community of Charles Village, this coworking space was founded in 2013 and housed inside of a former rowhouse. Though smaller in scale than some of the spaces on today’s list, the Charles Village Exchange is ideal for freelancers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and any worker who needs an office space away from home. The Charles Exchange isn’t just for business people, however, and houses artists, writers, and more. Their amenities include phone services, bathrooms with shower stalls, a bottomless coffee maker for free energy, and flexible membership and rental packages for their members.

Co-Balt Workspace


Located in Hampden, Co-Balt Workspace is one of the most distinct coworking spaces located in the Baltimore area. Its housing, first built as a church for the Hamden community in 1899 was subsequently repurposed to house small firms, businesses, and entrepreneurs. In addition to its unique historic space, Co-Balt has a fully functioning kitchen for coffee, food, and drinks, as well as coworking memberships as low as $99 a month and office spaces for rent starting at $450.

The Co-Op


Founded in 2015, The Co-Op is located in the Mt. Vernon area and is owned by the Par Collective. The Co-OP aims to provide space for companies looking to expand and provides both acceleration and incubation services for new organizations. Their second location, opened in 2017 in Station North, is geared towards smaller tech companies and offers amenities such as biking storage, 24/7 building access, outdoor patio areas, and more. 

Co_Lab Baltimore


First opened in March 2016, this modern designed coworking space is owned by architectural firm 33:Design. With a mixture of coworking desks and areas, private offices for business meetings, breakout areas, conference rooms, and more. In addition to this, Co)Lab has its own bookstore full of educational materials to help enhance your business and other factors of working at Co_Lab. Amenities for members include handicap-accessible restrooms and offices, shower areas, and baby stations for on-site childcare. Single members can begin at prices starting at $250 a month.

The CyberHive at bwtech


Rounding off our list is Cyberhive, located at the UMBC. Cyberhive is an incubator space founded by computer science students. Its space is ideal for startups, entrepreneurs in residence, and tech funds just getting their bearings. CyberHive allows entrepreneurs to meet and partner with each other in order to build potential business-to-business relationships, and the University of Maryland Baltimore County is well known as a hub for the cybersecurity industry.


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