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Jul. 16

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Meet LetsNurture at Singapore

Travelling to different tech centers in search of new technologies and strengthening tech partnerships has been the next step of LetsNurture towards achieving their goals. Recent trips to IoTX, Dubai and Hyderabad were very fruitful with regards to both enrolling new technologies and building new business partnerships. The next stop of this journey is Singapore – the Business Capital of Asia.

Smart Deals

The trip will be undertaken by Nurturer – Mr. Ketan Raval, Founder & CEO of LetsNurture. The week-long trip (2nd July to 8th July) is supposed to be very busy as per proposed schedule. On Monday, there will be a detailed discussion over one of the biggest project LetsNurture is to undertake about a Smart Deals platform. The project is supposed to target the huge market of affiliate marketing that has been generating a lot of eyeballs and bringing buyers closer to their favourite products.

The Blue Sky Group

A meeting with the CEO of Blue Sky Group, Singapore is scheduled on Tuesday with reference to business expansion and strengthening business ties. LetsNurture has been a part of The Blue Sky Group to provide various Mobile Apps, Web Development and Digital Marketing services.

GDG Singapore

Mr. Ketan who himself is Core Team Member of GDG (Google Developers Group) Ahmedabad will be attending GDG Singapore event on Wednesday 6 July, 2016. The event will be an opportunity to meet and interact with Google Cloud team and Developer Relations team in Google Singapore. There will be discussions at length with Tech startups on more use of technology in Automotive sector. The focus of the meeting will be towards real time driving behaviour and self-diagnosis of cars.

Mr Ketan is expected to meet many proposed partners and technology enthusiasts on Friday as meetings are still being scheduled for the day. Before leaving for the trip he said that those in Singapore if interested to discuss business or technology can contact him directly via mail and can schedule a meeting with him.


Ketan Raval
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