Jquery Mobile Training

JQuery is a Javascript framework useful for web developers, who use it to better optimize and make it compatible for Smartphones and the tablets.

Why JQuery Training?

We at LetsNurture have started training  for JQuery, to interested candidates and students. We teach them the methods to use the Jquery library, which is an open source platform. We teach our students, the process of simplifying websites to add advanced functionalities and buttons.

The students or professionals, who come to us for Jquery learning, imbibe the use of Jquery library that includes features like :

  • HTML manipulation
  • DOM manipulation
  • HTML event methods
  • AJAX and much more than these.

We are well aware that Jquery is a fast responsive library that handles not only the HTML documents and event handling but also many functions for speedy web development. The students will learn all these in a simple manner in our premises.

Why Lets Nurture?

We help the students to increase the productivity of their Jquery work application by helping them to only achieve their work by writing less code. This helps them to better optimize the application performance and make the web pages browser compatible and fast process.

Javascript & Jquery library is a future of web.. we at LetsNurture invite all students for the JQuery project training in Ahmedabad at our development center.This training will give them a practical experience on development of projects. Our Trainers will guide you & explain use of various jquery framework.

LetsNurture will provide guidance and training to the students with a chance of doing an internship with the company and gain experience  at a cost affordable manner.
Get groomed by the experts at Lets Nurture…Connect with them on to know more about the courses offered.

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