Why Choose Flutter for your Next MVP Development?


Nov. 19

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The Development of Apps is not a complex process if things are dealt with care. It is necessary to get ideas in the early phase in order to know the market readiness to accept the product. But what concerns a client the most is the estimated product cost and the time required for delivery. And in order to tackle this problem a Minimum Viable Product i.e…, an MVP is being introduced.

Currently, there are many innovations that meet the criteria for the successful creation of MVP, but one that stands tall is Flutter. Alibaba, Google Ads, Hamilton Music, Tencent, and many more already use flutter to offer high-quality content on iOS and Android.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a cross-platform application tool that Google has introduced, to build high-performance native apps from a unified codebase in iOS and Android.

Flutters architecture for cross-platform design enables faster development, offers powerful, cost-effective and easy-to-develop UI. It is the portable UI tool kit for Google to develop mobile applications.

What makes Flutter so Popular?

  • As far as the popularity of Flutter is concerned, Flutter has huge user support.
  • Businesses hardly like paying big bucks and with flutter which costs nothing and allows them to carry out their experiments.
  • Flutter helps in speeding up the processing in an app and hence, the development of the app becomes easy.
  • With the help of a great user interface, flutter helps in accessing the various in-built tools and features.
  • The Constant evolution of the platform minimizes the risk of Application re-engineering.
  • Easy integration with existing apps.
  • Supports the latest reactive framework.

Mobile application development using flutter: Paving the way for MVP Success

  • MVP helps in developing Apps at low cost: How Flutter helps in developing Cost-effective apps

    Today, the cost of developing software on both android and iOS platforms is no longer an issue. Since Flutter encourages the design of the cross-platform devices that will provide service to multiple software environments, programmers only need to write one code base for both platforms. Operating with both iOS and Android will become simpler, and the app can be used by both devices for both apprentices.

    In fact, it has access to the native device feature to help build a pixel-perfect app. Whether you are a small business or a large company, The cross-platform application development support offered by Flutter offers minimal time and money for access to the digital environment.

  • MVP saves time in developing a Finished product: How Flutter helps to build apps faster

    With Flutter, developers can randomly see the changes made to the software in the app. It is immediately visible to developers when the changes are made in the software, making the process simpler and less time-consuming.

    Developers, designers, and testers can work seamlessly if they want to modify the effect immediately and want to improve the look of the app. With Flutter Developers will usually require mere seconds/minutes to add functionality, fix bugs and innovate quicker as they don’t have to code for an entirely new build.

  • How Flutter helps in making an Attractive Designs

    Flutter makes use of a rich set of UI features, Latest technology, and Interactive Designs. Flutter supports material designs and Cupertino which is a collection of visual, behavioral and motion rich widgets that makes the app look beautiful on both android and iOS.

    It not only enables the developers to leverage readily available widgets but also allows them to customize the widgets according to their needs. In addition, Flutter supports 2D GPU-accelerated APIs that make the motion of the device look seamless and beautiful and help build rich UI and UX.

    Moreover, the wide range of themes availability enables developers to create themes separately for Android and iOS device which renders the best UI on the specific device. This rich set of UI features helps in developing a more user-friendly, easy to use and engaging app.

How Flutter acts as a Game changer for MVP Development?

Flutter is integrated with Firebase which is the back-end service with no server-side programming which results in easier and quicker development.

It contains several features such as Analytics, Authentication, cloud functions, crash reporting, hosting, cloud storage, real-time database and much more which enables us to build powerful, secure and scalable apps using world-class infrastructure.

Due to such integrated tools, the organization doesn’t require resources to build backend infrastructure; hence it becomes easy to build a Serverless app. With such features, the app can be released faster in less time.

Creating the MVP with the help of Firebase enables to run a successful business as Google is constantly improving Firebase; so that every feature corresponds to the latest tech trends.


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