Welcoming The New Year With Recognition & Celebrations

Welcoming The New Year With Recognition & Celebrations

19 Feb. 19

The start of 2019 once again came with a good news for Let’s Nurture. Let’s Nurture has been yet again announced as the Top Beacon App Development Company of 2018 by Research Reports from Mobile App Daily, the most trusted and largest media platform for the mobile app industry.


Republic Day Celebration:

“A Nation’s Culture Resides In The Hearts & Souls of Its People”- Mahatma Gandhi.

Let’s Nurture leading IoT solutions and services providing company hoisted the tricolour with a feeling of gratitude whilst our incredible India entered the 70th year of being a constitutional republic. The whole team got coloured in the national tricolours for the celebration of our Republic Day.


Let’s Nurture launches Canadian Driving License Test App:

Let’s Nurture a leading IT company has catered custom mobile solutions to various business domains. Our in-house Android and iOS developers have specialization on technologies like Web, Android, iOS, React Native, Java, IoT and Artificial Intelligence. They have made the launch of new Canadian Driving Licence Test application for iOS and Android mobile devices possible. The app is available in Google Play store and App store for free. The app will help to learn to improve driving & prevent roadside casualties. We want to harness the power of technologies for the betterment of citizens while improving awareness.


New Partnerships and collaborations:

Let’s Nurture welcomed new beginnings in the new year 2019. We had the opportunity to have the presence of department heads from one of the biggest universities in Africa visited Let’s Nurture Offshore Development Center (ODC) in Ahmedabad, to kick off a collaborative mobile app development project.


Nurturing new avenues for building partnerships – Prospective channel partner from MEA, visited Let’s Nurture to check out our Offshore Development Center (ODC), Ahmedabad. We are looking forward to building a strong and long-lasting relationship.


Skill Improvement Saturday:

To nurture the spirit of continuous improvement, Let’s Nurture always tries to nurture its employees by providing a platform where employees are free to learn new technologies and develop new skills without fear of committing mistakes. So, we had a skill development Session on 4th Saturday ( i.e., Republic Day) of this month too, where the whole family including iOS development team, mobile app development team, Design team, Business Analyst Team, Digital Marketing Team and Sales Team embraced themselves with the tri colours.

And different teams were assigned with following tasks:

  • Web Team: The web Team had to implement Docker.
  • Android Team: The team had a presentation on Android Lint.
  • iOS Team: Team had a session on React native.
  • BA & PM Team: Jay Shah, Delivery Head of Let’s Nurture gave a seminar on Amazon Web Services.

Our CEO, Ketan Raval, was on a visit to India and appreciated the whole management team for their efforts in running the operations as they meant to be in his absence. He also gave fruitful insights and motivated the whole Let’s Nurture family to achieve individual goals for 2019.


Few Capricorns and Aquarians had their birthdays. As a consequence, Let’s Nurture family celebrated the day by cutting cakes and cheering them up with gifts and vouchers.


Projects On Boarded and Delivered:

Ecommerce/ WordPress platform

Let’s Nurture is well known for dispensing quality services. We have on-boarded a project of developing a Custom wordpress website that would include ecommerce platform. We developed the site by using WordPress, WooCommerce and PayUmoney.

Alexa Skill Development for an Oil Company

Our in-house team developed Alexa skill for one of our client for guiding the users to use a lawn mower properly and provide various steps and types of oil to assist the user. Basically to generate a result of apt oil type according to the user’s requirement based on a series of questions like:

  • Oil temperature
  • Extractor availability
  • Generating results

Website Development for Pet Service provider

Our web developers team revamped the client’s website from the scratch with new theme and made it responsive. The team also added new features like Grooming Services, Adopt options and much more. The team modified the site by removing all the bugs and using technology stacks that include WordPress, WooCommerce, Directory plugin and PayUMoney.

GPS tracker based application:

We had a opportunity to create a dashboard for one of our clients that can track around 10,000 user locations and give updates in every 10 minutes. It includes features like to generate QR Code, google map cluster and GPS Tracking.

Mobile app Development for Political Party:

Our inhouse team of experts developed an Android and iOS app for a political party to create a portal. The app allows the members to chat and like other’s messages. It’s basically a social media platform developed by using React Native, Visual studio Code, Flow Javascript and React.

Smart Mirror Product Design and Development:

We developed a Smart Mirror for one of our clients. It’s a two-way mirror with an electronic display that shows viewer information on the screen, which is provided by the admin (retail store owner in this case). We have in-house product design team who have expertise in customizing and implementing various IoT based solutions as per the business requirements.


Alexa Skill Development for Amour panel:

We had an opportunity to develop Alexa Skills for one of the clients for a home automation system which has its presence on both Android and iOS app. The Alexa skill functionalities we developed includes:

1. Turn On/Off switches
2. Lock/Unlock appliances
3. Scheduling the appliances
4. Checking Power consumption

Let’s Nurture is a website and custom mobile application development company in India, United States and Canada and has always been known to foster quality services for small and large scale business. Our top-notch mobile and web app developers deliver trust and quality IoT solutions to customize our client’s business goals. Get in touch to explore the incredible world of Let’s Nurture inside out.


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