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Dec. 14

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There are millions of iOS developers who masters the process of iPhone application development and create iOS applications for iOS devices. Many apps are released daily and most them get rejected due to some errors, detection of bugs, sophisticated interface or not following the Apple’s guidelines.

With the release of SDK for the latest iOS application development, every iOS developer dreams to hit the search engines on the top through his/her app. But there are many aspects that a developer has to consider. Here are some of the reasons why iOS apps are rejected on new developer page.

Irrelevant information and bugs

Irrelevant information and bugs

If the apps have irrelevant and less information, they will surely be rejected after the very first test by Apple Developers. In addition to this, if the apps have any kind of bug in them, they will not be accepted in any situations.

Sophisticated interface and app crash

Sophisticated interface and app crash

Under the Apple’s guidelines, if the user interface of the app is sophisticated or not up to the mark, the app will face problems in approval. Make sure that the app doesn’t have any issues with crash. Because if the app crashes quite often under the guideline 2.1, it will be rejected.

Misguiding representations

As a result of your iPhone application development process, if any of your developed app is using some icons which already exist in another app, they will be rejected. Any misguiding representations, for an instance, if the previews and screenshots of the app are not relevant to the app and its functionality, you will face problems for sure. If you want to avoid such problems and want to get an approval, get in touch with an iPhone app development firm.

Misguiding representations

There are some other factors that are considered by the panel of experts at Apple. They are:

  • Spam the app store with various versions
  • Displaying promotional apps in your app
  • Different names in iTunes Connect and app store etc.
  • If you want to avoid the above-mentioned problems and want to get a quick approval follow the below tips:
  • Make sure that you have a standard UI with no bugs. If you have any bugs, fix them before you submit
  • Don’t include any external links of other apps and avoid broken links
  • Provide exact information and give a perfect description to be displayed in app review information
  • Ensure that the apps work as per the given functionality and features
  • Before submitting your app to Apple, check all the features, images, text etc
  • Reduce the app size at the smallest and fast loading time to give the best user experience
  • Last but not the least, avoid submitting similar apps or more versions of the existing one

Set the resolution of the app according to the requirement. Must be clear whether you are developing the app for iPhone or iPad in special. If you are facing issues in iOS app development for ipad,  hire dedicated iOS developers from LetsNurture to get the best quality services for iPad app development .

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