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Sep. 16

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Parking is not a problem that goes down with one particular city, its worldwide. Every metro city in every continent is struggling with rising number cars and shrinking parking area. Whether at an airport, bus stations or shopping mall, parking problem is an everyday occurrence. Indeed a smart parking solution was a healing requirement from the start.

Lack of accessible parking can hurt local business and decrease the quality of life for residents. Due to the importance of parking, cities study and analyse parking programs and performance on an ongoing basis. The most common parking problems that were stated by a public in a survey were:

  • Inadequate information and inefficient use of existing parking capacity.
  • Excessive use of personal vehicles rather than the public vehicle.
  • Unfair and opaque pricing mechanism.
  • Lack of sufficient parking at an event site.
  • Disabled friendly parking spaces.

Factually, this parking problem can be a cause of many mental issues of urban population. We all talk about a smart city, smart world kind of things. There are great tools of technology available with us that can do wonders. What is the use of such technology, if we can’t even solve this meagre problem of parking in the city?

No worries but things have scaled quite a bit in parking technology. The mobile technology has come as an aid to heal parking woes through smart parking solutions. Lets check out how a simple mobile application with community objective can sweep away all these problems.

Smart Parking Solution with a Smartphone

What if you open the map on the smartphone and get to know the nearest available parking space. It would be able to accurately predict and sense spot/vehicle occupancy in real-time.  All you need to do is tap on the mobile application and the map integrated into it will show you the closest unoccupied parking with the price tag.

Smart parking solutions give the additional information with the price of the parking space helps the user to make the better selection among the options available. As some parking spaces provide facilities like valet parking, car cleaning  and better security than other spots. The option of pre-booking parking space gives the user a peace of mind while yet to reach the location.

Smart Technology – Optimal Smart Parking Solution

The biggest problem today is of space, which is shrinking in comparison to the number of cars. The smart technology can help us optimise the parking space usage. Such smart parking solution can be very beneficial during an event where a large number of visitors are expected. Smart Parking solutions will enable them save a lot of time and avoid traffic congestion on roads with the help of intelligent decisions using data, including real–time status applications and historical analytics reports from IoT based system.

Features of a Smart Parking Solution

  • Map Location with direct Navigation.
  • Advance Booking and Monthly Billing system.
  • Cashless payment with mobile wallets and other payment platforms.
  • Special facility for differently-abled drivers.
  • Slide to Open: The parking slider opens by sliding the door from the mobile application.

Smart ParkingThis amazing feature is designed and implemented by LetsNurture. LetsNurture’s this innovation is especially for the support of smart parking solution. This decreases the need for manpower and the innovation is the smart parking solution for the parking areas.

All this can be equally beneficial for those who have open spaces in prominent areas and would like to earn good amount from it. Such people can better use this opportunity to develop a smart parking solution and space in the vacant area or they can rent out the place parking management companies to use it effectively.

Every car needs at least 3 parking spaces – one at home, other at the office and another at the shopping arena. The rapid growth in the number of vehicles worldwide is intensifying the problem of the scarcity of parking space. The technology for smart parking solution is one of the solutions to clear your parking woes and make life easier and relaxed.


Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval

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