Securing IoT Devices in an Enterprise


Jun. 16

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Security is an issue that is faced at every corner of life. May it be the security of your vehicle, your home, your family or you. The security at your organisation is all about guarding your trade secrets, sensitive data and client information. Today when everyone is connected to internet, specially the devices that capture and save lot of data for you, there is a greater risk involved in protecting them and your enterprise.

Dynamic Enterprise Environment

Just like every other technology, Internet of Things (IoT) has its both advantages of connectivity and potential vulnerabilities. IoT is still an emerging technology that carries lots of fresh changes with it everyday, this also makes it incompetent to be fully secured.

Entreprise being most dynamic environment has adopted IoT in their day to day activities to be more precise in working and getting more efficient output, unaware that how a minor oversight can cause a big problem for their whole ecosystem.

Securing Sensors and Data

IoT devices in an enterprise are used to send the data collected by sensors to a central server like in a warehouse temperature and humidity sensors collect the data and sends to a cloud server where it is analysed and if any adverse environment found, it sends an alert to the system. In case of this IoT system is compromised it may lead to the damage of products at the warehouse.

In this way IoT at different safekeeping, secured departments if jeopardized may affect not just data loss but also loss of integrity and other financial losses. All you need to ensure is that security of IoT devices is not compromised and all safety protocols are in place.

The things that one needs to ensure in an Enterprise IoT environment are:-


IoT devices connected with each before any communication should have a proper authentication to ensure the other device is not compromised and the data is secured with end to end encryption.

Digital Signature

The device sending and receiving information should be logged on only with verified software having a secure key so as to detect if any tampering is made on the part of software.

Access Controls

The Controls should be setup in such a way that no undesired user should be able to bypass its rights in order to gain the ingress to secured area. To secure IoT in an enterprise, roles should designated for the querying state of IoT device. Only minimal set of privileges should be granted to user so as to perform their business and technical task.


Devices should be programmed in a such a way that if they find any variation from baselines or find irrational behaviour in the activity, based on this analytics they should alert the system of malfunctioning and keep all other devices at high risk until reset by master key.

All these practices are very vital to secure the enterprise from attacks on IoT devices and the system that controls it. The new architecture and design patterns on which the network of IoT works, is very vulnerable to attacks which gives open opportunity to prevent any compromise of the IoT Enterprise Security.


Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval

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