Secure WordPress CMS website with OSE firewall Plugin

28 Nov. 12
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WordPress has major issue and that is “security”, if you ask any wordpress user they would always emphasize on security concern while using wordpress. As a WordPress web developers we have been involved with various website and blog development take a look on our work . And Security is something that everyone needs to address.

Here is a plugin “OSE firewall Plugin”  which we prefer to install in WP for fighting with Security Attack on our client’s WordPress Websites.

OSE Firewall Plugin secures WordPress websites from Following Security Attacks

  •       DoS Attack
  •       Direct file Inclusion
  •       Remote file Inclusion
  •       Javascript Injection
  •       Database SQL Injection

Steps to Install OSE Firewall Plugin

  •     Install Plugin and Activate it
  •     Select Anti-Hacking Rules you want to apply on firewall
  •     There will be “test configuration” link for test.

OSE firewall Plug-in is not only protecting your wordpress website but it also sends you an email regarding attacked happened on your website.

On our blog we receive this kind of mail many times by OSE, Everytime when we check this e-mail we feel thanks to OSE firewall Plugin.


I hope our post will help you to secure your wordpress website…

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