Real Time Operating Systems that will Revolutionise the Future of IoT devices


Apr. 16

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Real Time Operating Systems have created quite a buzz in recent IoT conferences. The most primary tech gadgets of till now – Computer and Smartphones are left out as the accessories to the IoT devices. It won’t be wrong to say that the tech industry has been spending a great deal of their time and money on Internet of Things. So it is clear that the future of the technology is in IoT. While we get to know a lot about IoT devices out there, it is assumed that most these devices run on either iOS or Android because that is how we connect to them. Isn’t it? But that is the myth we are going to break today.

So let’s start with a scenario where you meet 5 people, all from different parts of the world and you all know different language. So, how would you all communicate? The translators apps can be a good option for a limited period but what if you are collaborating on project? Similarly for community of developers to work on IoT they need a programming language, some set of defined rules and protocols that can be followed by all in order to achieve a unanimous goal.

Real Time Operating Systems

The needs of IoT devices are very different from our current set of computers and smartphones. Some of the basic features that are vital for a IoT OS are:

  • Minimal Memory
  • Power management
  • Security
  • Support for multiple connectivity protocol (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee or Cellular)
  • Real-time communication
  • Scalability
  • Support for different processor architectures


Having those features is minimum criteria for an IoT OS. Support for Web Services, Cloud Infrastructure, Data management and Open Source are some of the other features that are very important from a developer’s point of view. There is hardly any IoT OS that has all the above features things are moving very fast and in arena, maybe it would be available tomorrow.

Let us see what are the top 5 IoT operating systems that may empower the future:-



It is an open source community project that was started in the year 2008. RIOT can run on different type of platforms including embedded devices and computers (and most of the popular sensor/actuator boards), and it comes with a friendly API. It has ability to consume very less power and can operate with constrained memory.


Windows 10 For IoT

The most prefered PC OS brand has come up with an IoT OS with hope to make it most popular platform for IoT devices. It has enterprise-grade security, manageability and native device interoperability which makes it very appropriate for connected devices. It may be new and lags behind in terms of user base and developers but it has tremendous potential.


WindRiver VxWorks

It has definitely taken a lead among the commercial real-time operating systems used today. It is built on an upgradeable, future-proof architecture, which helps you rapidly respond to changing market requirements, customer needs, and technology advancements. It also delivers a comprehensive set of security features to efficiently protect devices, data, and intellectual property in a connected world.


Google Brillo

In Google I/O 2015, it first introduced as Google’s embedded operating system project. It is sure to become popular very soon because of there are many android developers already in the industry. It is said to be based on the communication protocol called Weave, which is also a Google project.

OSx appl.png

Apple’s OS X
Apple has not announced anything yet but how can this technology giant be far from this emerging technology. They have already come up with IoT framework to control home automation devices named HomeKit. It is believed that OS X will be modified in such a way that it runs effectively and more efficiently on IoT devices.

We might have very few choices with mobile or computer OS but it seems this field of Real Time OS will not be such there are already many other OS getting popular other than the above. Still we are banking on these RTOS to change the course of future in the field of IoT.

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Ketan Raval
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