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Jun. 18

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The fifth month of the year, May started with terribly hot and humid climate in Ahmedabad. Despite the extreme temperatures, Let’s Nurture welcomed May as a month full on new activities in our own and new offshore development center (ODC) :

Work and Fun go hand-in-hand at Let’s Nurture

Fresh minds were welcomed for walk-ins for various roles like Embedded Engineer, React native and Mean Stack Developer to showcase their skills in our Mobile app development department, Web development and Database management.

IMG_20180608_173829The employees are making the most of the recreational area. This area is loaded with some games like Ludo, Snake and Ladder, Chess along with dartboard. These games really help in bringing much needed environment that is needed at any workplace- says one of the Team Leaders in mobile app development.

Interns took part in the hiring drive by designing and crafting Display collateral for the roles of React Native developer, Embedded Developer, Mean stack developer to teach them teamwork.

IMG_20180608_115529To tackle scorching temperatures, HR team took the initiative of providing Cold drinks, in addition to hot refreshments.

Warm Welcoming of New Joinees

Interns who joined Lets Nurture
New interns who joined Let’s Nurture Family

Let’s Nurture welcomes Interns, selected from the campus drive held at Bhubaneshwar in the month of March, And experienced a very exciting month filled with learning new things and exploring new horizons of working at one of the leading IT outsourcing company in Ahmedabad.

New Projects Onboarded

Magento Website Development Projects

Being one of the leading Magento development company, we endorsed two New Magento website projects: One is a product catalogue Ecommerce website while the other aims to be an online marketplace for valuable metals.

One iBeacon/BLE, SDK Development Project

A new App startup has engaged with Let’s Nurture to customise and integrate Our Bespoke Beacon management system into their existing system. Our expertise in the iBeacon/BLE development has been a major asset to the company, due to which client hire iBeacon/BLE Developer from Let’s Nurture.

Fundraising Website Development with Payment Integration

We even got a project for development of donation fundraising website platform, which will work to leverage the internet to overcome the manual labor of going door-to-door.

Projects Delivered

IoT Healthcare App Development

Month-of-MayMedcheck, Our IoT Healthcare app Solution developed for a Singapore based customer got excellent remarks from the PMs of India and Singapore at the “Enterprises and Innovations Exhibition” at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre in Singapore on Thursday, May 31, 2018.

On demand Marketplace Lifestyle Services Platform

On demand Marketplace for lifestyle services
On demand Marketplace for lifestyle services

For better user experience, our iphone app development team continuously keep updating and improvising the UI and algorithms. Hence, we released a version of online marketplace lifestyle service provider for a client based in California, Silicon Valley.

Ecommerce Platform for Legal Services

Ecommerce Platform for Legal Services
Ecommerce Platform for Legal Services

We delivered website for Attorney based in Los Angeles. The client offers a wide range of eCommerce solutions including Amazon Account Reinstatements, Chargebacks and disputes, Brand Protection and Intellectual Property Violations.

Website Development for Healthcare Services

2018-06-08-17-26- our website development team delivered another Healthcare based Website for a group of scientists in LA to quickly and accurately identifying patients suffering from potentially blinding eye diseases and preserving their vision.


Our team recently initiated work on a working prototype for Smart farming management system, where in crop status, ambient conditions & irrigation are managed remotely, through series of Sensors and controlling mobile apps.

Skill Improvement Activities in May

We, at Let’s Nurture, believe that “The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.” One day in the month was entirely dedicated to lessons and tips on improving skills for everyone in their respective departments. Not only technical skills but the team leaders also help the team mates in developing their personality skills.

“A good plan is a road map that shows us exactly how the choices we make today will affect our future.”

Prospective Projects in Discussions

Vehicle Monitoring:

We are in discussion with a new player in the e-Vehicle industry, to develop a Hardware+Software system for their products.

Surveillance and monitoring:

CCTV camera connected app development is currently in discussions for development at Let’s Nurture.

Join Our Team

Let’s Nurture always strives to deliver quality to the client as well as employees. And nurtures the employees by encouraging them to display their skill to full potential. Join us and add value to the team.

“Coming together is a beginning; Keeping together is progress; working together is the success”

Join our amazing team.


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