Maven- The First Digital Clinic for Women!


Apr. 15

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Maven, an idea for a digital healthcare app for women. The telemedicine app is a beta version in which provides health-related requirements regarding women. Kate Ryder founder of Maven, came up with the idea when she was working as VC at Index Ventures. In her interview she added that, she discovered that the fact was around didn’t get certain give attention to women’s wellness.

Focus of Maven

Just Like other telemedicine applications, Maven permits people within the app to request a queries, look through health and fitness talks, or even book a video visit with a professional. The main big difference is that they don’t particularly give attention on women’s health and fitness.

Women comprise a lot of health-related decisions. As outlined statistics from the National Partnership for women and Families, almost eighty per cent of women choose the family doctor, take the kids to appointments and also make the choices for the family members. Kate Ryder feels that this particular part of the people well deserved an issue that targets on their particular requirements for that reason.

Maven’s price point

As compare to other telemedicine platforms, Maven’s price point is also a bit lower. $40 per virtual visit for Doctor on Demand. $44 – $99 a visit to per month for HealthTap pricing runs on the platform. Ryder involves nurse practitioners and physical counselors and also states that the actual scheduled visit cost may move as low as $18 for each visit because of this.

Ryder includes that they’ve worked lots of various types of practitioners to make a product that compromises women wellness the needs. As per the Maven, the internet is full of bad information about women’s health, and it’s even more confusing when it comes to children’s health. Maven helps you get definitive, personalized answers from a carefully vetted group of women’s and children’s health practitioners — no matter what your question is.

Ryder remarked Maven will eventually figure out with other APIs to pull in dynamic data and that there will be more services increased support women of every stage of life in the future.


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