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Feb. 21

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While the majority of us are completely unique in our features, our personalities, and our aspirations, it can be fun to find those who resemble us. This is especially true for finding celebrity counterparts who are world-famous actors, musicians, artists, and stunt-doubles who look like us. As enjoyable as these applications are, the main advantage is that users of these apps can be easily monetized. If you’re interested in this market, read on to find out which applications are at the top, and how they got there.

Why Should You Create a Celebrity Look Alike App?

People love new, entertaining things, as well as projecting their own personas out into the world through social media. This means that attracting people who enjoy “look-alike” apps should be relatively easy, ensuring that you have a profitable venture. Other reasons include:

People have a lot of fun looking for their doppelgangers amongst world-famous celebrities.

People enjoy using filters and settings to change how they look or create a special “curated” look.

People enjoy being able to take these “looks” and share them with social media as it gives them a way to make their newsfeeds, profile pictures, and cover photos unique.

If you integrate facial recognition into your celebrity “look-alike” app, users will have an even easier time finding their celebrity twin through photo analysis, resulting in surprisingly accurate comparisons.

What Is Needed to Make This App Work?

This type of application is based on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and facial recognition. For the application to work, it will need to be installed on a mobile device that has facial recognition built-in and it will need access to the internet. The device that it is on will need to have a front-facing camera so that users can take a selfie, and upload it to the app.

How Does it Work?

  1. The user opens up the app on their phone, tablet, or computer and uploads their selfie to it so that it can be analyzed.
  2. The application then uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze the photo and compare it with pictures of celebrities. This means that your application will need access to a photo database that is filled with updated and accurate photos of celebrities.
  3. The application will then deduce which celebrity photo(s) has the most matches to the selfie and provides the result to the user.

What Features Must Be Included With The App?

Minimally, you will want to include the following features in your celebrity “look-alike” app.

  1. The ability for users to upload a selfie image from their camera roll or gallery.
  2. The ability to take a photo while inside your application (permissions must be provided).
  3. The ability to perform base searches on celebrities with the selfie photo.
  4. Photo-editing capabilities. Give users the ability to add filters, contrast changes, stickers, etc.
  5. Provide photo information about the celebrity. Their name, age, gender, and what they are most well-known for.

7 Of the Most Popular Celebrity Look Alike free App

Looking for inspiration from what is already out there? Read on to see the most popular options on the app market.

  1. Gradient: Among the most popular, Gradient has recently captured many news lines for its popular AI effects, accurate beauty tools, and professional photo editor. In addition to being able to see which celebrity looks similar to you, Gradient showcases this by actually transforming your face into the celebrity’s face. Gradient offers subscription plans starting from $3.99 a month or $19.99 a year.
  2. StarByFace: As the name suggests, StarByFace matches a celebrity to your face and is another top competitor of the market. Using a full face portrait, StarByFace examines features and pairs them with examined celebrities. It then determines a “similarity percentage” which it then displays, alongside the celebrities it has selected. Finally, it has integrated social media linking, so sharing the photo to social media accounts is quick and simple.
  3. Celeb Twin: Primarily tailored to iOS users, Celeb Twin offers several features to set itself apart from other look-alike apps. Not only does it select three celebrities for users to choose from, but also allows users to specify a gender for increased accuracy. Additionally, it includes automatic face recognition, Manual eye location options and simple sharing to social media.
  4. LookALike: The LookALike app has managed to carve itself out as the ultimate in costume suggestion, as it includes fictional characters in its search for your doppelganger. It starts by comparing your face to a celebrity, then continues with movie and tv series characters, and finishes off with anime characters. If you ever find yourself in need of inspiration for a last-minute costume party, LookALike will give suggestions ranging from The Avengers to Dragon Ball Z.
  5. Looky: Additional features and flashy filters aren’t necessarily paramount in your app’s success, as shown by Looky. This simple to use the app is known for its simplicity and streamlined process. Simply take a photo, get your result and share, or try again if you aren’t quite satisfied with the app’s choice. However, the app’s pros also include their own cons. This includes high ad density, varied results and a required subscription after 24 hours of use. Despite this, the app remains successful, especially for people looking to try a look-alike app once and never again.
  6. Facer: When it comes to offering a wide range of selection and features, few can hold a candle to the Facer app. It boasts an extremely large database of celebrity photos, covering over 1000 famous faces. Like some other apps, it matches you with three celebs, displaying a similarity percentage alongside each one. It then allows you to save, alter and share the result with a number of tweaks and filters, including a “cartoon” option, to turn your face into the work of an animator.
  7. Who Do I Look Like? Hailed as one of the best and most accurate look-alike apps available, Who Do I Look Like dominates the majority of the market. It uses Amazon’s machine learning to compare faces, and in addition to automatically selecting a celebrity for you, it even allows you to select one yourself for it to analyze. The app is constantly being improved and optimized, and workers are even expanding the already impressive database of over 1000 celebrities. Finally, even top tier features are free to access, so anyone can make use of the app’s capabilities.

Wrapping It Up

Every look alike app works to achieve the same goal, but each has its own special feature to make them unique. When developing your own look-alike app, consider features like adding famous artwork to the celebrity database, or popular cartoon characters.

Finally, don’t forget to monetize your app with ads, subscriptions and other paid features, but be sure not to overdo it. Your app needs to be easy to use and deliver quality results, so cramming in paid extras may work against you more than for you.
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