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Jun. 16

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“Technology – a boon or a bane” This is a very old topic answered many times in many ways right from school essays, college debates. and group discussion for jobs. We have always closed into some kind of data that would suggest our leaning towards the boon or bane point of the topic.

Recently an article was published in the Forbes, that talked about the jobs that were non-existent a decade ago. It won’t be wrong to refer recent growth of new generation jobs to the technology that has emerged in the beginning of 21st century.

Jobs that matter

Some researchers who have studied this paradigm shift since the beginning of industrialisation period, suggest that there can be a rise in unemployment if people still carry on with current traditional way of education. A report suggested that 70% of Australians are studying for jobs that won’t exist by next few years and the major reason behind this is Internet of Things(IoT).

So, we went on to check out all those traditional jobs that might get lost in time and technology:


It is someone who was tasked to write live speeches, dictation, court reports, etc later to be typed and published or mailed. It was a job with great mastery over speed of writing and presence of mind with exemplary control over language.

Every big office would have one for sure and most of the journalist would be the best stenos or the ones who could write shorthand. But with audio video recording gadgets in place this job has lost its sheen but you can still find it in some of the Government offices. The last nail in the coffin can be attained to services like Google Voice that have ability to type what you speak, it can write as much as you want, just keep your pronunciation perfect.


A job that concerned with precision of counting notes. If we go by legends, some of the cashiers would easily take out the counterfeit note just by slight touch of it and some would tell of exact number of notes in a bundle just by seeing it. Even when note counting machines were introduced, they would compete with it and many would beat the machine.

This well decorated job would soon go away with as last task assigned to them is of a Cash Receiver. It is to be replaced by POS machines, online payment gateways and online wallets. People find it easy to pay with few taps on their mobile.


When was the last time you went to a library? Isn’t it a really hard question to answer, as today we get all the information by just googling it. Library was once the greatest source of information. Students would get all their research materials by diving into the books available.

A librarian was the manager of the library. They were suppose to know all about the books, authors, topics, etc. But nowadays no one visit a library, all go around Google or Wikipedia and gain all they want. Libraries have become museums and librarians as caretakers.

There was a quote on internet few days back “Google can bring you back 100,000 answers. A librarian can bring you back the right one.”

Telemarketers/Customer Service:

Most of us get really annoyed when we get calls for marketing. Even its is really troublesome to deal with a customer service representative who doesn’t know anything about the product problem you are talking about. Many in third world countries made a fortune out of getting these jobs sourced from America and Europe.

Those with best in communication and human tackling were chosen in the field. Many Hollywood movies showed it quite well, even one movie was named Outsourced.

This is supposed to be taken over by robots, who will handle all your queries without any sense of fatigue. The beginning of that era can be sensed with the launch of chatbots, who are programmed to answer your queries. These AI based robots have gone live on Facebook Messenger.


In the early 80s when there were hardly one or two phones in a community, mails were the best way to communicate and reach out. And when there was something urgent to be communicated people would use telegram, the old but by then the fastest way of communication. Postmen would become a member of a community who would know in and out of people’s happiness and sorrow.

This all took a jolt with telephone and now the internet. The last thing these still do is reaching out with formal mails from Government or its agencies and bringing you the online ordered products. Drones are being used by many for making out such deliveries and it’s not far when they would overtake these Postmen.

Darwin rightly said “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”


Technologies like internet, mobile, automation, robots, etc are changing the world for good and with that one has kept up its pace. Look out for a new skill in you because you have that something that no one has.


Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval

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