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Internet of Things to Get More Privacy with Lightening Fast Bluetooth 4.2 Version!


Dec. 14

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With the enhancement in the technology, we already know that what Internet of Things (IoT) can do. IoT is a combination of wireless technology, internet and micro-electromechanical systems. But there are few privacy concerns about the same. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) have released the specifications of the lightening fast Bluetooth 4.2 version. This update of bluetooth technology has no limits, the sky is the limit. This has opened a window for the developers to develop lightening fast apps.  Beacon BLE App development is increasing day by day and this 4.2 version of bluetooth is a real boon for the developers.

Now let us see what all are the specifications of this latest update and what can be possible with this technology:

Low-power IP connectivity

Low-power IP connectivity

As you might be well aware of the new internet protocol which is IPv6, the latest update will now support all the devices which has new internet protocol. Internet of Things will be much better because they will now get a chance to connect the internet in multiple ways. The connectivity will get more flexible with this new version.

Improved privacy protection

Improved privacy protection

Besides being the low-power consuming technology, it has improved a lot in the privacy protection. The devices that work on 4.2 bluetooth are highly secure and saves them from unknown tracking systems. IoT will also be more secure with a new internet protocol and more options to connect to multiple devices through latest version of bluetooth.

It’s 2.5 faster than previous ones

2.5 faster than previous ones

The increase in the data transfer is seen in the previous versions. But this update boosts the speed to 2.5 times higher than the older version of Bluetooth. The capacity is also increased 10 times faster. It doesn’t mean that it will consume more power, it has now became more efficient than never before. It consumes low energy.

With these many improvements and changes in Bluetooth latest version 4.2, it is sure to give more benefits to the users after its release. Beacon app development platform will get new features with this latest update and it will give more benefits to customers to customize the app. When you use 4.2 version in your smartphone, the beacons will now seek a permission from you whether to receive the notifications or not. Just wait for the release and see what more it can do!


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