How to develop On-Demand Dog Walking App?


Feb. 23



As Roger Caras said, “Dogs may not be our whole life but they make our lives whole.”  

Everyone loves his pet like a family member and tries to provide everything his pet needs to keep the pet happy. Dogs are dear to many people. Due to a lack of time, many people cannot take care of their pets. Simultaneously, when the pet parent cannot provide much time to his pet, the pet needs a sitter. It has raised the demand for dog-walking apps. Nowadays, the requirements for these apps are increasing at a rapid pace. Dog walking apps can connect dog owners with dog walkers to provide pet care services.  

Are you planning to create a dog-walking app? The blog can help you with vital information to develop an app.  

Dog walkers can be found, scheduled, and managed by dog owners via dog walking apps, which are mobile applications. The app also has functions for scheduling walks, tracking the walk’s path, and accepting payments. Time and money are saved, and the owner has peace of mind knowing that their dog is well cared for. Due to their convenience, security, and peace of mind, dog walking applications are widely used. Providing dependable, qualified dog walkers, they aid in time and financial savings. Aside from that, the applications have walk scheduling and monitoring capabilities.  

If you want to create a dog-walking app, you should first understand the market. The global pet technology market is anticipated to generate $8.1 billion in sales by 2025, expanding at a compound yearly growth rate of 19.8% between 2020 and 2025. By 2023, it is predicted that dog-walking apps will make up a sizable portion of this market and bring $2.34 billion in revenue. The number of downloads for the top 10 dog walking applications has climbed by more than 35% over the previous 12 months, according to data from App Annie. In order of downloads, the top three apps are Wag, Rover, or Fetch.   


How to develop a dog-walking app?


The segment has discussed 8 steps to develop a dog barking app. You can follow these steps if you are thinking about creating a dog-walking app like rover or others. Check out the stages discussed here in this segment that may help your app development. 


Step 1: Make a business strategy


Developing a strategy is an essential part of starting anything. While preparing to establish a dog-walking application, you must create a business strategy. Make your strategy as per your goals and objectives. By creating a system, you can proceed step-by-step to achieve app development goals. The strategy can lead you to success. Think of what type of service you want to provide in your app. To expand pet care services, you must create some strategies. You can add more pet care services like dog training to increase your revenue. Whatever you want to deliver through the app, you must be patient and strategic to implement your dream.   


  • Create your goals  
  • Develop some strategies to achieve the goals 
  • Implement strategic actions  


Step 2: Analyze the market and competitors


The next step is one of the most critical stages in developing your dog-walking app. You first need to analyze the market and the competitors. You should identify the target customers and the main competitors in the market.  

  • First, understand your target customer.  
  • Identify the issues and problems of your customers. 
  • Identify whether your app can solve the issues of your target customers.  
  • Analyze the current trend and pattern of the market. 
  • Identify who your competitors are, the features and specifications of their apps, their customer base, and revenue collection. You must add unique features to your app to enhance your competitive edge.  
  • Identify what marketing activities your competitors perform to promote their apps. 


By analyzing the market situation, target customers, and competitors, you can get an overview of what you can include in your app to benefit the customers.  


Step 3: Generate a revenue system


In this step, you should create a revenue system for your app. Think about the transaction fees or payment processes you want to generate for the app.  

You can create a revenue system by using the following steps. 


  • You can make money through paid promotions. You can also make some paid promotions by allowing the pet walkers to be included in your app. 
  • You can also earn by running advertisements for other businesses in your app. 
  • Your app can make money every time any individual makes a payment through your app. 


Step 4: prioritize requirements for your app


As you have researched the market and competitors and created a business strategy and revenue system, this is the time to set requirements for your app. In this stage, you must prioritize the features you want to include in your app. Make sure that the components are not similar to that of your rivals. Based on the requirements, you should consult the Let’s Nurture team about developing your app, depending on the conditions.  


  • Make a list of the features you want to put. 
  • Prioritize the most important features or criteria to keep at the top. Put the vital components at the top so the developers can easily include them based on the requirements.  
  • Choose a color and logo for your app and identify a design that best suits your app to attract users.  


5: Hire an app development company


Hiring a skilled app development company is essential. You may find a list of app development companies online. However, Let’s Nurture is one of the app development companies that has been working since 2008. The company has immense knowledge and experience working with technological solutions to make the best apps for clients. Let’s Nurture deals with AR (Augmented reality), Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, IoT, and VR applications. The agency is an open-source platform to provide the best IT solutions to various industries, including retail, banks, e-commerce, and many more.  

The company can meet your expectations in app development by creating a unique user interface-based app. Feel free to connect with the expert of Let’s Nurture to learn more about the company.  


Step 6: Create a product roadmap  


It is an integral part of the entire app development process. In this section, you will get a clear idea of your app. Developing a product roadmap is extremely important for your app development journey. Let’s see how you can create a product roadmap. 


  • Share your goals, vision, and strategies for your dog-walking app with the Let’s Nurture team.  
  • Illustrate the strategy with the developers to accomplish the app development tasks efficiently. 
  • Explain to them what features you intend to add to the app. 
  • Use a performance measuring metric to measure your performance. You can take the necessary steps or actions by checking the performance report. 


Step 7: Develop and test the app


The developer will use a unique and attractive user interface for your app to make it different from that of the competitors. Let’s Nurture will create the dog walking app based on your requirements.  

After developing the app, you need to test its accuracy. Test your app whether it runs smoothly to meet expectations. Let’s Nurture will check the accuracy of your app using various software. The team will also check the quality and performance of the app through testing.  


Step 8: launch the app

The last step of the app development process is to launch the app. After testing the app’s accuracy, the Let’s Nurture team will launch the app on the Android and Apple play store. They will maintain all the standards and guidelines for the app launching process.  

 Let’s move into the next section to understand the most critical features of dog-walking apps.  


Factors to Look for in an On-Demand Dog Grooming Application


Various factors are available for a dog walking application. A user needs to be aware of all the application’s features and functionality. Developers ensure to add user-friendly features to make both parties habituate effectively with factors of a dog walking app. Advanced features enable users to access all the things that they love using it. Users’ feedback is crucial for developers to notice and ensure to work on fixing them. Admin features enable developers to work continuously over the app to upgrade and maintain it to make the app better. The main factors of a dog walking app are user characteristics, walker possesses, features for administrators, and advanced characteristics. The table will explain factors with features in detail below. 



User Characteristics 
Client enrollment and login 
  1. A service that allows consumers to register an account, log in, and control the details associated with their account. 
Account creation 
  1. A tool that allows individuals to establish an account for their dog, including their dog’s breed, name, age, size, and any unique demands or requirements. 
Planning and scheduling 
  1. A platform that allows consumers to schedule dog walks, browse accessible walk times, and reserve sessions with a dog walker. 
Real-time monitoring 
  1. A function that enables consumers to look after their dog’s and the dog walker’s whereabouts in actual time. 
Walk summaries and images 
  1. This option permits dog strollers to offer a statement and pictures of every walk so clients can discover what their dog has been looking forward to. 
Payment administration 
  1. It is a mechanism for handling payments, such as walking dogs and rewarding dog walkers. 
In-app communicating 
  1. A facility that enables consumers to connect instantly with dog caretakers via the app. 
Testimonials and ratings 
  1. This feature allows individuals to score and evaluate their interactions with dog caregivers and the application. 
  1. A function that searches for dog caregivers nearby the user’s area using GPS. 
  1. This tool alerts users about forthcoming walks, stroll reports, and vital information. 




Walker Possesses 
Statement creation 
  1. This tool allows walkers to build accounts with personal details like dog experience, availability, and favorite strolling regions. 
Timing and booking 
  1. A tool that allows strollers to browse and schedule dog walking applications from dog owners.  
  2. It also allows dog owners to check and reserve the walker’s availability. 
GPS trailing  
  1. It is a function that enables dog parents to follow their dog’s stroll in real-time, assuring them that their dog is secure and well-cared for. 
Financial processing 
  1. This option allows dog owners to pre-pay for walking and caregivers to accept money using the app. 
Scheme of comments and ratings 
  1. This function allows dog parents to evaluate and assess walkers following each walk, offering vital input to both walkers and fellow dog parents. 
Immediate response 
  1. It is a function that allows walkers to inform dog parents in the case of an emergency rapidly.  
  2. This system assures dog owners the ease of knowing that their dog is constantly happy and secure. 
Path planning 
  1. A function allows walkers to prepare their strolling route by considering weather forecasts, the dog’s activity level, and the owner’s perceptions. 
Wellness tracking 
  1. A tool allows walkers to record crucial data regarding the dog.  
  2. These include mealtime regimens, treatment schedules, and any medical issues, offering a complete image of the dog’s health. 




Features for administration 
Consumer management 
  1. The capacity to see, add, amend, and remove user identities is referred to as consumer management.  
  2. It covers dog walkers, dog parents, and application users. 
Journey Management 
  1. The power to see and control all planned walks involves assigning walks to dog walkers, changing the walking status, and viewing stroll data.  
  2. These are the name of the dog, the parent’s name, and the walking area. 
Transaction Management 
  1. It deals with the capacity to examine and handle payments, such as processing fees, issuing refunds, and viewing transaction history. 
Report Formation 
  1. The section includes options to create insights on app utilization and performance, such as customer behavior, stroll booking, and transaction history. 
Consumer Support 
  1. The section is the capacity to handle customer assistance requests, such as seeing, responding to, and resolving consumer assistance tickets. 
Push Alerts 
  1. It is the capacity to give customers touch notifications, such as alerts about stroll progress updates, forthcoming walks, and vital communications. 
Information Management 
  1. It is the capacity to govern application data, such as importing and exporting data, seeing information visually, and managing data protection and security. 
Configuration Management 
  1. It deals with the ability to modify application settings, such as price and travel choices, and the app’s design and operation. 




Advance characteristics 
Plan Walks 
  1. Because dog strolling is a frequent activity, a tool that allows the dog parent to arrange the stroll can enhance the interaction more conveniently.  
  2. They can plan the outings for weeks at a time. 
Scheduling Filters 
  1. The screening function may be applied to both the owner’s and the walker’s applications.  
  2. The walker will filter the inquiries depending on their preferences and distance.  
  3. On the other hand, the dog owner can pick the walker based on predetermined parameters. 
Expert Advice  
  1. It may be a valuable tool for your users, particularly new dog owners.  
  2. You may offer them expert advice on grooming, training, food, and dog care.  
  3. You can offer such information frequently to increase application consumers. 
Alerts for Events 
  1. You may alert your users if any pet or dog activities occur nearby.  
  2. They can engage in various activities with their canines.  
  3. These activities include dog shows, dog sports, dog retraining programs, and so on. 
  1. Numerous applications incorporate this function to keep users engaged on the platform.  
  2. The forum function may digitally connect dog parents, where they can discuss dog maintenance ideas or their memories with dogs.  
  3. They may also post images of their pets and engage with one another via comments. 
Online Streaming 
  1. In addition to GPS monitoring, you can incorporate a live broadcasting option that allows the dog parent to view the whole walk online from the smartphone.  
  2. It gives people peace of mind concerning the protection of their pets. 
24*7 assistance  
  1. Assistance is critical to the development of a mobile app.  
  2. Dog proprietors or walkers may need help with experience, payment, or anything else.  
  3. In such circumstances, they can request assistance from your assistance staff. 



Time and budget to build an on-demand Dog Walking Application


Developing an application incorporates several stages. These stages include the cost and time to finalize an application successfully. Each stage needs a different time to finish, and the budget varies based on the project’s requirements. The app development stage costs you more than all other application stages. The table below will discuss the duration and budget of every stage, including the process. 



Stage  Duration  Budget  Details 
Planning and conception  1-2 weeks  $5,000 – $10,000  This phase entails conceptualizing and outlining the app’s core characteristics and functionalities and determining the ideal demographic and market. 
Modeling and wireframing  2-4 weeks  $7,000 – $15,000  To assist in imagining the eventual result, initial designs and concepts of the app’s user layout and architecture are created. 
UI and user engagement design  2-4 weeks  $8,000 – $20,000  During this stage, the user layout and interaction are refined, comprehensive sketches and concepts are created, and the application is tested with a limited sample of users. 
Creation of applications  4-8 weeks  $15,000 – $40,000  This step entails creating the app, incorporating all the elements and capabilities outlined in previous phases, and thoroughly validating it. 
Deploying and launching  1-2 weeks  $5,000 – $10,000  This step entails finishing the app, uploading it to app marketplaces, and making it available to people. 


Top 5 Best Apps for Dog Walkers


Let’s identify the 5 best apps for dog walkers to get an idea of the features used in these apps. The section also thoroughly explains these dog-walking applications in terms of the review, ratings, specifications, and compatibility. Let’s examine each of the five dog walking applications individually. 


Name   Specification   Reviews and Rating  Compatibility 
1. Rover  
  1. Fast and easy to use. 
  2. Get supporters 24/7. 
  3. Take pictures and videos. 
  4. In-app contacting features. 
  5. Secure payments. 
23.1t reviews and 4.7 stars on the Google Play store with 10L+ downloads. 

3,51,687 reviews and 4.9 stars on the Apple store. 

IOS and Android devices  
2. DogHero 
  1. Get support for all time. 
  2. Get pictures and videos. 
  3. Easy to manage schedules. 
  4. Have a healthy fitness guide. 
  5. Contact walkers any time. 
29.3K reviews and 3.1 stars on the Google Play store with more than 1M downloads. 

101 reviews and 4.3 stars on the App Store. 

IOS and Android. 


3. Wag 
  1. Digital training sessions for dogs. 
  2. One-to-one communication system. 
  3. Insurance facility. 
  4. Sitting and boarding overnight. 
  5. Provide veterinary consultation. 
7.48T reviews and 3.1 stars on the Google Play store with more than 10L downloads. 

4,3,420 reviews and 4.7 stars on the Apple store. 

Android and IOS devices. 
4. Dog Walk 
  1. Easy to use on smartphones. 
  2. Take real-time pictures of pets. 
  3. GPS tracking system. 
  4. The facility of a distance calculator. 
  5. Fitness guide enabled. 
2K reviews and 4.5 stars on the Google play store with 1L+ downloads. 

14 reviews and 3.4 stars on the Apple store. 

iOS and Android.  
  1. Fetch 
  1. Take pictures and videos. 
  2. Good GPS. 
  3. Services for newborn pets. 
  4. Insurance plans. 
  5. Consultations at home are free of cost. 
36 reviews and 3.4 stars on the Google Play store with 5T+ downloads. 

22 reviews and 4.7 stars on the Apple store. 

IOS and Android. 



1. Rover



Each dog lover has heard the name of this app, no doubt. The app has earned faith and popularity through its services, such as dog boarding, dog walking, daily care, and pet sitting. In 2011 the app came to serve for the first time. If you are searching for fair service, try this app, as the sitters are always available.  

Developer:, Inc. created the app.  



  • Very easy to use through download and use. 
  • You can find suitable sitters and walkers and manage the price using such options. 
  • Get support from the dog walkers all time. 
  • You can control the time and place for dog walking. 
  • Call or message walkers at any time for updates. 
  • Track the location and get visual updates. 
  • The sitters serve great and with passion because the app takes just 15-20% from them. 
  • The makers have tightened the payment security to keep you safe on payments. 
  • You can track the walking location from your mobile phone and call the sitters or walkers any time you want. 


  1. DogHero 


The sitters in the app are some of the most reliable pet sitters in the world. The app has gained much fame based on the reviews of the users. If you must stay out of your house at night, do not worry; your dog sitters are always ready to help you. Dogs get love and care in the sitters’ houses.  

The founders launched this app in 2014, and in 2015 the founders raised their capital from Kaszek Ventures. They take full responsibility for your dogs while on duty. Even before and after the schedule of service, they are always beside you to help you. The team of this app takes some veterinary expenses during the service; thus, thousands of people are eager to use this app.  

Developer: DogHero Labs, the Brazilian company, is the developer of this app and keeps the app safe for you all the time.  


  • Get support from the team 24/7. 
  • Get complete information about the process. 
  • Healthy food charts for your pets. 
  • Check the activities of pets. 
  • Easy to download and access on your mobile phone. 
  • The sitters are well-trained to take care of your pets and to give training in manners. 


  1. Wag 

It is a prevalent name among dog walking apps, as you get good services for caring for dogs or pets through this app. The walkers in the app are highly trained and experienced for doing the job and get hired after many crucial tests and examinations. The app owners take their full details and ensure your safety. In 2015 the app came into existence by Wag Labs Inc. If you are so busy that you cannot take care pet, you may have the services of the app.  

Developer:  The San Francisco-based pet care company Wag Labs Inc. is the developer.  


  • Easy to use on your Android and Apple mobile phone. 
  • Get full support from the team at any time. 
  • GPS tracking system and messaging system to remain connected with your pets. 
  • Training facilities with pet sitting and walking. 
  • Easy to set schedules and duration of walking. 
  • You can book sitters near your place and choose a schedule for walking.  
  • The sitters train your dogs to behave appropriately. 
  • The app enables you to message the sitters and get real-time updates and others.  
  • The app has launched many insurance plans for any damage that occurs. 


  1. Dog Walk 


The app is helpful because it offers well-trained dog walkers hired through lengthy interviews. The app accepts online payments and has tight security for your expenses. According to the app’s users, dogs and other pets love to walk with the walkers for their affection, love, and care.  

Developer:  DogWalk Technologies is the developer of the app. 


  • Get walkers from nearby locations. 
  • Track the routes completely. 
  • Get details of the services. 
  • Record all the movements quickly. 
  • Easy to set schedules and manage payments. 
  • You can check the walking paths and get pictures as updates from the sitters.  
  • The app benefits you with the features of recording your pet’s activities while outing.  
  • Though the app has a limited customer base, it supports its customers 24/7.  
  • You can find the best sitters near your place. 
  • You can get premium insurance options for your pets.  


  1. Fetch 

If you are living in a small town and you love your dog but cannot spend enough time taking care of your lovely pet, the app is for you. Now the app has become much more popular for providing the best service in your area.  

Developer: The developer of the app is Blue Fang Games 


  • Easy to be installed on your smartphone, either Android or Apple. 
  • Easy to have experienced dog walkers at your fingertips. 
  • Easy to communicate and locate your pets. 
  • Change schedules and extend the time of walking. 
  • Get photographs and video updates whenever you wish. 
  • Users can get complete information about the caring process and set their own time and location for the services.  
  • You can also choose the walking duration, like 30, 45, and more minutes.  
  • The app benefits you with trusted walkers and enables video updates on the app.  
  • You can use GPS in the app to see the exact location of your dog.  
  • The exciting part is that you can hire a sitter even on a last-minute request and change previous schedules.  


FAQ 1.  How much does it cost to make a dog-walking app?

  • Depending on the features you wish to include and the app’s complexity, the cost of creating a dog-walking app will vary. It might cost anywhere between $12,000 and $200,000 or more.
FAQ 2. What does it cost to maintain a dog-walking app? 

  • The price to maintain a dog walking app will vary according to the features it has, how complicated it is, and how much assistance and upkeep it needs. The monthly price could range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. 

FAQ 3. Is running a dog-walking company successful? 

  • Yes, having a successful dog-walking business is possible. It is a fantastic method to help local pet owners in need and has the potential to be a successful business. Before beginning such a firm, it is crucial to conduct research and comprehend your local market’s needs. Ensuring you have the proper insurance and setting reasonable charges for your services are also vital. 
FAQ 4. How can my on-demand dog-walking app make money? 

  • A membership business model: Charge customers a monthly or yearly fee to use your app’s features. 
  • Publicity: Include a section where nearby companies can promote their goods and services in your app. 
  • In-app buying: Enable customers to buy goods like pet treats, toys, and other things directly from the app.
  • Endorsement: Speak with pet-related businesses and invite them to support your app by becoming a sponsor.
  • Partner programs: Sign up for affiliate programs with businesses that cater to pets and promote those businesses’ goods and services through your app. 
  • Premium services that can be purchased include real-time GPS location tracking and improved route tracking. 

FAQ 5. What difficulties can I meet when creating an app for on-demand dog walking? 

  • Creating user-friendly software, guaranteeing user security, locating dependable dog walkers, assuring compliance with local regulations, managing payments, and offering customer service are just a few potential challenges. 





Several walking apps gained popularity by recognizing the demands of their users. As indicated in the guide above, the pet industry is expanding. Let’s Nurture, a mobile app development company that is one of the leading app development companies, delivers the best technical solutions. Thanks to dog walking apps, pet owners may relax and enjoy their life without worrying about their animals. As a result, consider the prospects of creating a dog-walking app with the aid of a reputable application development business during this time of change in the online world. 


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