How much would it cost to get an application Listed in the App store?


Feb. 23



Are you an app developer and want to publish your app in the App store? Are you wondering how much it can cost to publish your app? If you have these queries, you are at the right place to get all your answers. The blog discusses the costs of publishing an app in the Apple and Google play store. 

In this period of advanced technology, people download manifold apps daily from the Apple and Google play stores for various purposes. The app developers need to publish their apps in the app stores to reach the audience. Being an app developer, you must know the costs to get your app listed in the app store. 

The App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore are the most popular app shops where you can publish your app. The costs for publishing your apps on these platforms are different. 

Android users use Google Play to download various applications based on their preferences. Similarly, Apple users browse the app store marketplace to get their desired application. App store and Google play store are quite popular among most people worldwide. Amazon app store is still catching up when it comes to attracting users. In terms of popularity, the Amazon app store is behind, away from apple and google play stores. Regardless if you are a gamer, a businessman, or a computer geek, you can easily locate smartphone applications for your needs in the App Store and Play Store.

However, have you ever considered the following questions while developing your app?


  1.     Is it expensive to publish an application in the app store?
  2.     How much does it cost to get an app in the app store?
  3.     How much does it cost to promote an app on Google Play?
  4.     What is the required time to see the visibility of an application? 
  5.   What are the stages of publishing an application?

All the above mentioned inquiries are normal when you’re ready to submit your app to the app store. The chart beneath clarifies some of your queries about the cost of publishing an app on Google Play and the App Store.

App Store’s name Promulgating cost
Apple app store Annual fees are $99
Google play store One-time payment of $25


The above table provides the publishing cost of an app in different app store platforms. You need to know a lot to list your app in the app store. The process incorporates several stages when placing an app in the app store environment. You must be aware of all these crucial stages and take appropriate action based on the requirement. We have deliberated with the Android developer and IOS developer to accumulate all the necessary details regarding the stages to present an app on the apple store and google store. Make sure to explore all the important information below to grasp ideas about it. 

How Much Does It Cost to Get an App Listed in the App Store?

You must know the costs if you want to put your app on the app store. In this section, you will learn the costs of putting your app on the Google play store and Apple play store. You are already aware of app development costs on the app store and google play store. You should know the time consumption of the review procedures and the time to get your app accepted on various app stores. Each different table will give you an idea about the cost and timeline.

Google play store app cost

Nobody can deny the Google Play Store account’s reputation and supremacy in smartphone apps and software. Play Store data further cement the site. The data shows around 3.48 million applications on the Play Store, and nearly 3739 are launched daily. Metrics like this demonstrate why the Play Store for Android is a fantastic place to publish your application. The below table will clarify the timeline and cost of publishing an app on the play store. 


Components  Illustration 
Name Google play store
Fees  One-time fees ($25)
Presenting itinerary Generally, it takes 1-3 days to review, and it can take up to 7 days to see the app on google play. 

Apple store cost

The Apple store is quite popular among IOS users, and different categories of applications are available on the app store. Some crucial data and information prove the popularity of the app store among apple users. The table below will give you an idea of the cost and timeline of presenting an application on the app store. 

Components  Illustration 
Name App store
Fees  Yearly $99
Presenting itinerary It takes almost one day to review an app. You can see your app on the app store after getting acceptance. 

Amazon app store cost

The Amazon App Marketplace allows you to access and upload apps. It is compatible with all Amazon devices, including the Fire Stick. Android consumers may run the Amazon App Marketplace on their smartphones and Amazon devices. Like Apple and Google, Amazon has opened an app shop for smartphone customers. The Amazon App Marketplace debuted in 2011 with a slew of fresh and high-end apps. Building and distributing a smartphone application on Amazon does not cost much, but it does charge about 30% on each transaction of a developer account on the Amazon App Store. With 792,414 apps, the Amazon Appstore is one of the most prominent mobile application providers in the globe. The Amazon Appstore has 651,052 free applications to download.

In contrast, 141,362 must be acquired. It should be noted, however, that numerous free programs may feature or demand in-app purchases. Every day, an estimated 87 fresh applications are added to the Amazon Appstore. The below table will go through the cost and timing for publishing an app on the Amazon App Store.

Components  Illustration 
Name Amazon App store
Fees  $100
Presenting itinerary It takes a few hours to get approval, although time sometimes varies. 

What exactly is the App Store?

An app store is an interactive platform where clients may install or buy programs and apps. With the emergence of tablets and smartphones, the notion of building an app marketplace became ubiquitous. It has now been expanded to conventional OS platforms and Web browsers. Users may install and download Web-based programs from app shops in web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. An App Marketplace provides a collection of complementary and premium applications pre-approved for user use on users’ devices. They may explore the program, buy, download, deploy, and upgrade it through their device’s app store.

The main smartphone operating system manufacturers, including Google, Apple, and Microsoft, have their app stores, giving them control over the programs accessible on their marketplaces. Third-party software stores are also accessible online, such as Itunes for jailbreaking iOS Apple gadgets and Amazon Appstore for Android platforms.

Best 9 stages to release an App on the Apple Store

It is one of the most crucial stages of app publication on various app store platforms. Here you will get to discover essential stages for app release. You can follow and execute all the mentioned stages to place your app on the app store. The table below will portray the stages’ names and a description of them. 

Stage Description
Step 1: Establish your developer account
  1. Set up your developer profile after enrolling in the Apple Developer Program. 
  2. It comprises giving fundamental details about yourself and your company and generating a distinctive account and password.
Step 2: Make a design and description for your app
  1. You must create a listing for your software before it can be published on the App Store. 
  2. This category should contain a summary of the program, images, and other details. 
  3. These details will assist consumers in understanding what the program does and why they should install it.
Step 3: test your app
  1. You must test your app before submission to check whether it meets the standards of Apple or has any errors. 
Step 4: Participate in the Apple Developer event
  1. You must first join the Mac Development Program to launch an app on the App Store. 
  2. Register by going to the Apple Development portal and completing the on-screen instructions to acquire a member.
Step 5: Configure your application for submission
  1. Before submitting your application to the App Store, ensure it complies with all App Store assessment standards. 
  2. It comprises validating the app on various devices, identifying and correcting issues, and verifying it is reliable and functional.
Step 6: Submit your application for review to the App Store
  1. When your application is complete, you may submit it to the App Store for review.  
  2. It involves supplying app details such as the app’s name, details, screenshots, and price.
Step 7: Wait for Apple’s approval phase to complete
  1. After you publish your application to the App Store, it will be reviewed to verify that it complies with the App Market criteria. 
  2. This procedure might take several days to many weeks.
Step 8: Monitor the app and apply any essential changes
  1. You should monitor your app to check for any modification required or any bugs it.
  2. If your application is rejected, you may be required to modify it to comply with the App Store’s criteria. 
  3. Fixing problems, adding needed functionality, and implementing other improvements as specified by Apple are all possibilities.
Step 9: Launch your app
  1. Your software will be accessible for download on the App Store after it has been authorized. 
  2. Congratulations, your app is officially available on the Apple App Store. 

What is the Google Play store?

Visit the Google Play store to download and buy digital products, including apps, music, movies, books, and games for the Android operating system. It is the official app store for the Android operating system and is run and maintained by Google. The store provides in-app purchases in addition to free and paid content. The Google Play Store, widely regarded as the best Play Store, offers more than 3.5 million Android applications.

9 steps to release an app on the Google Play Store

It is one of the most important phases of publishing an app on several app store platforms. You may learn about the critical phases of app release right here. To upload your app to the app store, you can follow and complete all of the steps listed. The names of the stages are shown in the table below, along with a brief description of each.

Stage Description
Step 1. Create a Developer Account
  1. You must first create a Google Play Developer account to publish an Android app on the Google Play Store. 
  2. $25 is needed as a one-time registration fee for this.
Step 2: Complete the Listing
  1. After uploading your app, you must complete the store listing details. 
  2. It contains the title, summary, screenshots, and other pertinent data.
Step 3: Get your app ready and upload it to the Google play store
  1. Make sure your app complies with Google’s criteria by using the Android Developer Tools to build it.
  2. Once your application has undergone testing and is prepared for distribution, you may upload it to Google Play.
Step 4: Decide on Pricing and Distribution
  1. It would be best if you determined the cost of your app and the channels via which it will be delivered.
Step 5: Submit ratings of the contents
  1. You must provide content ratings for the app. 
  2. It will let you know that the contents of your app are suitable for your users. 
Step 6: App Signing 
  1. You must create an app signing.
  2. The process will help you ensure that the app is reliable and secure. 
Step 7: Test your app 
  1. Before publishing your app, you need to test whether there is any bug.
  2. Test the app thoroughly to check whether the app is running seamlessly. 
Step 8: Publish your app 
  1. After getting approval, you can publish it on the Google play store. 
Step 9: Track Performance
  1. To make sure your app is achieving your objectives, track its performance. 
  2. Analyses and evaluations can be used to monitor your development.
  3. Update the app regularly to add new features and remove bugs. 



FAQ 1.  What is the turnaround time for publishing an Android app?

  • An Android app typically takes three to five business days to be published on the Google Play store. However, this could change based on the size and complexity of the app, as well as other elements.
FAQ 2. What is the turnaround time for an iOS app?

  • Depending on the complexity of the program, the number of developers engaged, and the resources available, the turnaround time for an iOS app might vary significantly. It may take from a few weeks to several months.

FAQ 3. What does it cost to keep an app updated

  • The cost of sustaining an app is determined by its complexity, the features you require, and the time and resources needed to do it. The average monthly cost of operating an app might be between a few hundred and several thousand dollars.
FAQ 4. What is the cost of announcing an app on the Amazon App store?

  • An app’s announcement in the Amazon App Store costs $99 to do. A single fee that spans the app’s lifetime is incurred for each app submitted.

FAQ 5. What would be the ideal substitute for the app store for publishing apps?

  • The Huawei AppGallery, Aptoide, and the Amazon Appstore are further potential alternatives to the app store for publishing apps. These platforms have special characteristics and advantages and provide similar features and services to the App Store, such as the ability to distribute apps to various devices.

Are You ready to Publish Your Application on the App Store?

This guide taught you about the expense of releasing an application on the app store. It also walks you through the procedures of publishing your app on the Google Play Store and the App Store. Don’t hesitate to contact the app production expert at Let’s Nurture if you have any further queries about app development. The company has over 100 teams of app developers who have been working for many years to develop apps based on your given requirements. The company comprehends the requirement and executes a step-by-step procedure to finalize and develop your application. If you want to design a smartphone application for your company, schedule a session with one of the application specialists. They will work on advanced applications to offer you a compact and stable application with essential features.


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