How Google Classroom App is Changing Access to Online Education?


Oct. 20

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With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that has swept the world into isolation, Google’s online classroom application has never been more prominent and indispensable than now. This free web service was created and launched back in August of 2014, to help educators simplify the creation, distribution, and grading capabilities of assignments through an online web-based portal. Teachers can create a full-fledged online classroom to handle all necessary interactions, from communication and teaching to learning, and assignment submissions. With the current world health crisis, Google’s online classroom is poised to completely change the post-pandemic learning environment.

What Can The Google Online Classroom Application Do?

The Google online classroom application is a learning management system that provides both teachers and students a communication platform, similar to how a message board works. In addition to this, it opens a discussion between educators and students at all levels of assignments, encouraging discussion, and group co-operation. Here is what you can do with Google’s online classroom as an educator.

  • Create and Assign Projects. Due to Google’s online classroom not having a live streaming component, the assignments that are handed out become the backbone of the entire learning experience. When you create an assignment, make sure to upload necessary and relevant information, which will then prompt a notification to be sent out to students so that they can begin working.
  • Easily Grade Completed Work & Share Marks With Students. When assignments are turned in, you’ll be notified via the “To Review” feature where you can then grade finished work and share the marks.
  • Communicate Via Announcements & Discussions. For full classroom announcements, these are distributed via email to the entire class. As for discussions, students can leave comments on assignments for each other to read and respond to.
  • Upload Reference Material & Lessons. While you can add documents directly to assignments, you can also store additional information on Google Drive for students to access.
  • Allow Student to Student Interaction & Student to Teacher Interactions. Students may interact with one another on assignments or email one another if they have group projects or questions about related material. Students may interact with the teacher via the same pathways.

How Do You Set Up The Google Online Classroom App?

If you are an educator and are looking to set up the Google online classroom application through your Google Chrome web browser, please follow the steps below.
1. Head to
2. Log in with your Google Account and hit the + sign in the top-right of the page.
3. Choose to create a class from here and agree to the terms of service.
4. Fill out the required information to create the class. This includes class name, classroom, section, subject, and room identifier.
5. Click create and wait for it to complete the creation.
6. Customize your classroom with a photo and theme.

Note: when entering a class name, section, subject, and room identifier, don’t forget to add in a short description for these. For the class name, this could include the time or grade level. For the subject, either create one or choose one from the list.

How Google Online Classroom Can Be Used for Optional Classes?

Rather than implementing live-streaming classes for optional credit courses, Google online classroom can be used for both middle and high school electives that students show an interest in taking. The educator can create a virtual classroom, upload the assignments, and facilitate discussions all online through the web-based portal, without taking up additional time and resources. This is fantastic as it means that students can receive additional education in a wide variety of subjects at any grade level, without compromising their core education.

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