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Improve brand value and academic experience through intelligent mobility solutions

E-learning saves almost 50% efforts when it replaces traditional teacher-student education system. In 2016 roughly 71% of college students took at least one course online. However, by 2020, approximately 70% of all college classes will be online.

Education mobility solutions are a proven catalyst to revamp the process and infrastructure of education industry in order to enhance the learning and teaching experience. We provide custom mobile solutions for the educational institutions and businesses in the education sector.

Our mobile learning (mLearning) solutions will transform the education industry with much improved infrastructure, seamless engagement solutions with access to information.

Appealing e-learning and mLearning solutions for optimum results

Appealing e-learning and mLearning solutions for optimum results

With mobility solutions for learning and education industry offering highly captivating UI experience for students; teachers need not worry about student’s attention. Getting institution’s modules on learning mobile app for tracking, maintaining daily timetable, syllabus, student list and much more can make things lot easier for students, teachers and institution.

  • Educational, training and learning apps for kids, preschoolers and college students
  • Virtual classroom with improved video lectures
  • Graphical demonstration for better understanding
  • Module management and monitoring for moderators
  • Complete content supportive development
  • eLibrary integration and secured access
  • On demand tutor app
Student management & Connected Faculty platform

Student management & Connected Faculty platform

We provide education mobility solutions to our clients in order to provide effective learning and educational experience. Students feel more attracted to digital teaching methods provided through innovative mobile solutions where they feel more special to engage with faculty and friends whenever required.

  • Easy and Mobile registration process
  • Monitor & track assignments and reports
  • Virtual and secured mobile transaction
  • eLibrary app and access
  • Advanced Campus management solutions
  • Secured and instant access to information
Campus Management App solutions

Campus Management App solutions

Mobility services for campus management provide a cost-effective and exceptional solution for educational institutes to create smart eLearning and mLearning applications. This can also include centralised backend frameworks to manage learning content and collect online fees to run campuses and institutions smoothly.

  • Advanced solutions for campus operations
  • Instant information on hand for events, classrooms or library
  • Effective inventory management
  • Guided education resources
  • Payment solutions for fees collection through mobile app
  • Campus management system for staff productivity
Industry Detail

How Let’s Nurture helps Education Industry?

LetsNurture Infotech, a leading open source IoT platform for providing IoT solutions for retail industry and other. We have delivered highly customised On-demand teaching platform with personalized accessible and real-time solutions for our clients in education industry leveraging custom education app development.

Our Offerings and Capabilities

  • Educational Gaming App
  • School Bus Management and Tracking System
  • On-demand Teaching Solutions
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