How agile will transform the organization framework?

How agile will transform the organization framework?

29 Nov. 19

Innovation is no longer just about new technology, it is about new models of organization. The high tech breakthroughs that do count today are not only about speed and performance but about collaboration, conversation, and co-creation.

What does it mean to be Agile?

To move in a quick and coordinated fashion is what it means to be agile. In the smart world, adapting and transforming to agile is to inspect, adapt and transparency. The main goals of the agile manifesto are;

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over plan flow

Organizational Agility

Change is complex. A generic structure may be quick and easy to adopt, but will it be sustainable and will it give you the benefits you need? The Agility framework will help you decide what to do next since it gives stakeholders full transparency and control over risk management.

The goal of the team is to consistently build one integrated potentially reasonable increment. But how it is done is unique to each organization and product. And the right mindset, approach, and environment can help make the process easier.

Agile is a methodology and Scrum is a framework

Scrum is an archipelago with each island having its own significant feature.

  • Scrum functions well as a container for other techniques, methodologies, and practices.
  • About agility, it says, “The Scrum Master serves the Product Owner in several ways – from requirement gathering to practicing agility in the development cycle. Agile is a methodology, a set of principles to guide you in the choices you make, methods you follow, planning you make and coordination you do.
  • Of course, framework, multiple things as the Scrum Guide defines Scrum itself as a framework.

Survival of the Fittest is now the Survival to the Agilest

The software industry has evolved and adapted to better ways of working. The traditional methods provide different stages to work with a fixed scope which cannot be changed once set. This sometimes leads the product to be outdated in the market due to the time taken for actual implementation. By contrast, Agile provides the opportunity to change the requirements any time during the development cycle and continuous implementation at regular intervals. This does not mean that requirements can be changed abruptly. There are few processes that need to be maintained to accept those changes in between the development cycle.

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