Digital Technology : Helping NGOs to Reach out to more People


Sep. 16

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Every industry, sector, and market goes through times of transformation and innovation. Whether you’re selling smartphones or automobiles, digital technology is a powerful force that drives industry innovation. It is shaking up traditional industry leaders and establishing some new companies in the market.

The implications of the Innovator’s Dilemma are not limited to the commercial sector. We also see this phenomenon transforming the process paradigm of NGOs and reshaping how programs are delivered to beneficiaries. Organizations that are able to effectively adapt, will be positioned well for the future; those who don’t, risk irrelevance, as new models better serve beneficiaries and match donor interests.

Digital Technology for NGOs

For many NGOs, the application of such business theories to the nonprofit world may seem out of place, but the need for innovation and adaptation is no less critical. Digital Technology holds great promise in helping develop new interventions, improving service delivery, gaining meaningful insight and supporting community engagement in the development sector, but its deep application and usage has been quite slow and irregular.

The reasons are many – restrictive funding models, adaption of technology to sometimes challenging environments, the lack of readily apparent sustainable program models – but these are questions we must address if today’s NGOs are to adapt effectively. Access to new tools and resources is easier than ever and the ability to scale projects through the ubiquity of technology all point to an opportunity for reimagining the work of NGOs.

Many NGOs ask this question that is it viable to adapt the technology for effective operations? I simply tell these 5 points and then ask them to check their cost effectiveness.

Greater Outreach

Today, having an online presence is similar to placing a sign board around your office or store. Everyone is there on the virtual world. Nowadays, people don’t go out wandering in search of a thing, they simply “google it”. The first step towards online presence is having a website developed.

A website is an incredible tool to spread awareness about your efforts, and seek volunteers who can join your NGO. A good website acts as your virtual office that provides all the information and contact details.

Digital Technology : Helping NGOs to Reach out more People
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Targeted Audience

Digital era has come a long way. Digital Technology has reached where it gives an option to users to caters certain information to selected demographic. NGOs can utilise the tech to reach those who can help them on a particular project and support them in their cause.

Showcasing Trustworthiness

For any Non Profit organization, the best option to gain respect among masses was to get featured in newspapers or magazines. Now everything is online. You need to show your integrity towards the cause. Feature your social work and felicitations by renowned government or other agencies. In order to garner popularity and gain followers, it is important for any organization to become credible.

Streamlining Donations

Donations are the main source of income for the NGOs. Raising funds via the traditional manner can be an exhausting and time-consuming effort. There is an easy solution for this problem – go digital. Having a website with payment gateway, makes it easy for the donors to donate money and get receipts. A dedicated web develppment strategy can help diminish the geographical constraints for raising funds.

Social Media

Social media has become a part of our everyday life. Any news in the world gets instant attention on the social networks. Social media plays a definite role in giving any brand a strong identity. It also offers innumerable opportunities to promote the drives campaigns by  digital marketing team.

Social Media pages help an NGO to gain popularity, awareness and supporters from different parts of the world. This eventually creates more intimate relationship between the NGO and its stakeholders.

Let’s Nurture has been supporting many social initiatives through its expertise in web and mobile app development with digital marketing. If you run an NGOs, we would be glad to guide you to make better use of technology to achieve the vision of your organisation.

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