How to Create a MCC (My Client Center) Account that Controls Various Adwords Accounts of Your Clients?


Jan. 15

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When it comes to managing several Adwords accounts at a time, it is quite difficult to log-in with different IDs.  To overcome this problem, Google released My Client Center (MCC) to manage multiple Adwords account in one account.


What is MCC?

My Client  Center (MCC) is an alternative to use clients’ multiple Adwords accounts under a single account. Managing the multiple accounts is a time consuming process and MCC is the best solution for it. You can add as many Adwords accounts in your MCC account. It is a powerful online tool for the marketing industry to work with several clients swiftly.

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How to Create an MCC Account?

Creating an MCC account can be done within minutes. Here is a step by step procedure to create an MCC manager account:


  • Visit the official page of MCC in Google Adwords or click here
  • Click on ‘Sign up now’ and enter the email address
  • Give a name to the account and select any one of the options given in how you plan to use this account
  • Thereafter you need to select the time zone and location
  • Click on the currency that you want to set to run the campaigns
  • Accept the terms and conditions to continue
  • Click on save and that’s it. Your MCC account will be created


Important Points to Note while Creating the MCC Account

When you create an MCC manager account, there are a few points that you should note down to avoid problems:


  • The email ID that you use to create the account must not be existing in Adwords account
  • Once you select the time zone, you will not be able to modify the time. So Beware!
  • Currency cannot be changed once you proceed to save the account


So, if you want a hassle free way to manage the MCC account, make sure that you consider the above mentioned points.


Now that you know the easy and simple process to create an account for different clients, it’s time to know something more about Adwords manager. Let’s see how you can add different clients to your MCC account:


How to Link MCC Manager Account to Adwords Account?

Just like creating an MCC account, linking the Adwords account to MCC is pretty simple. It hardly takes 10-15 minutes to request the client to grant the access to use his/her Adwords account. By this, you need not log-in into the client’s Adwords account. You can directly create and control all the campaigns of the client from the My Client Center manager account. Follow these steps to send a request to the client for managing his/her Adwords account from MCC:


  • Firstly, you need to log-in to your MCC account
  • Next step is to click on ‘Link Existing Buttons’ which is next to the ‘create account’ button
  • Now you have to enter the Adwords ID of the client (which is displayed on the top right corner of the page) in the client accounts box. Click on continue
  • Once you enter the Adwords ID, the client will receive a request in the Adwords account
  • The client has to accept the request which appears in account access settings of Adwords
  • There are three types of access that the client can give. They are: administrator, edit and view.
  • If the client accepts the request as an administrator, you will now have a complete access to manage the client’s Adwords account from your MCC manager account.


Adwords Permission Access to MCC

The above image indicates that Adwords’ ‘Account Access’ section has received a new client manager request for approval.


Adwords Manager for MCC

And once the client accepts the request, you will be added as the client manager of that particular Adwords campaign.


Now that you know how to create an MCC account and how to link the Adwords account into MCC, let us see what are the benefits that you get from such accounts:


Benefits of MCC Manager Account

There are many benefits that you get when using My Client Center manager account. Here are some of them:


Better organization

When you use MCC account, you will be able to organize several accounts in a perfect way. You will be able to view the campaigns of all your clients accounts at a glance. With this, if you want to make multiple changes in the campaigns, MCC account is a perfect solution.


View the history at a glance

When you have multiple campaigns to run, it is hard to remember what all you have done all the day. By viewing history option in your account, you can track the history of all the campaigns till date. Instead of using multiple Adwords account and viewing history of all one by one, MCC account gives you a chance to view the history of all the campaigns.


Intuitive dashboard

Simple and easy to use dashboard gives users a chance to manage all the tasks in a hassle free way. Right from creating a campaign and ad group to linking new account, everything can be done within fraction of seconds. This is the major benefit that makes MCC the best Adwords tool to manage multiple campaigns of different clients at a time.



This is all about linking Adwords account to MCC account for managing several Adwords accounts in a hassle free way. If you want to add more clients to your MCC account, you can follow the same procedure given above. Isn’t it simple? If you have more queries regarding Adwords account creation or MCC account creation, you can always connect with us!


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