Clutch Review for Political Startup Application and Software Development


Apr. 18

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Project Overview

The company is Politics. The client was the lead developer and the owner. It’s a young software development firm. The application allows anybody to become a lobbyist and start phone call campaigns for their cause at any level of government.


The client’s software development for politics was a complex piece. They approached Let’s Nurture to plug into various APIs [application programming interfaces]. The software was one of the few apps out there that uses deep links to make sure that content is as viral as it can be. They wanted to re-channel lobby money to be placed where it can do the highest and most good.


Scope of work

Let’s Nurture here played a role of core team of engineers. The client had two pieces of software. And we have been working for software development for the past 10 months. There are lot of elements in the code, but now the code is working well as per their needs. We have applied to the App Store, so we now have to build out the back-end so the payment structuring is in place.

How did they approach Let’s Nurture?

Client used Elance (now Upwork) to find Let’s Nurture.

“We had to fire our original developer because they were not as high quality as Lets Nurture. They had high ratings, and so I gave them a test job. They delivered, and we went from there.”

Feedback from Client in form of Ratings

We got 5 star review from the client on Clutch that was categorized by quality, schedule, cost and willing to prefer. During an interview by Clutch, client reviewed:

Do you have any statistics or metrics to track improvement from the project? Are you satisfied with their performance?

“We grew our revenue 10 times in three months, and then grew our revenue another 10 times in six months. I’m going to continue to do business with Lets Nurture, their price point is good, and they work fast.”

Is there anything unique or special about Lets Nurture that really makes them stand out compared to other business partners?

“Lets Nurture is a lot better than my previous offshore house. They are responsive. They’re polite. They think about the user experience. They take care of bugs quickly.”

Looking back on the work so far, is there any area that you think they could improve upon or that you might do differently?

“I started learning more code because I couldn’t manage Lets Nurture effectively if I didn’t understand what I was asking them to do. With any team, deadlines are an issue. I try to say, “here’s what we want.” They give me an estimate of how many hours it’s going to take. They say when they think they can deliver. I hope that they start expanding more in the United States. For my future projects, I will use Lets Nurture for my back-end engineers.”

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Software Development at Let’s Nurture

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Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval

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