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Jul. 20

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From apps that monitor your blood pressure and heart rate to apps that help you with mental health, there are countless mobile applications for health and fitness. It is estimated that the market share of mobile tech and mobile health apps will be over thirty billion by the year 2020.

From lifestyle diseases to anxiety, depression, and more, a lot of ailments have started plaguing the modern population. A lot of people want to stay in constant vigilance when it comes to health. This is where wellness and health apps have helped such people, by bringing them the information that they require, to the comfort of their homes.
If seen from a commercial viewpoint, health and wellness industries offer great opportunities for those who wish to invest in a range of upcoming technology, waiting to be integrated into custom healthcare application platforms.

Cutting-edge technologies which can be implemented in Health & Wellness

Over the recent past, there has been a rise in custom application development in the healthcare sector. Wearables, IoT technology, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Voice Assistance, etc. are some of the latest trends that have been integrated into mobile healthcare solutions, to cater to various concerns. The development of tailor-made healthcare and wellness applications to cater to various domains has been ongoing in the healthcare and fitness sector for a while now.

The coronavirus has prompted countries to clamp down borders, and people are finding themselves unable to travel and see family and friends, as well as visit public places. This has driven many people to stress, loneliness, cabin-fever, and depression. A lot of countries have in place strict laws regarding curfew and lockdown orders and have sealed off their borders completely and banned inter-state and inner-city travel too, except for essential items like food and medical supplies. People are hence immersing themselves into the digital world to relieve boredom and pass time, and also to get instant news on various topics. This includes healthcare apps.

As the health-consciousness of people increases, they are using more and more apps to monitor their general well-being. And when it comes to healthcare apps, each app has different functions that cater to different individuals. Certain apps might help the diabetic, while certain apps have been tailor-made to help those facing mental health issues. There are apps for heart patients and apps for those who have asthma or other respiratory ailments. There are also apps that allow you to monitor your health in all parameters. In short, there are a wide variety of apps. However, as different as the apps might be from each other, all these apps might have something in common. The chatbot technology. The rise of chatbots has been consistent ever since Apple introduced Siri into its iPhones in 2010. Nowadays, with Alexa-assisted living becoming a norm, chatbots in healthcare apps are a fast-catching trend. Chatbots are especially popular in healthcare apps that provide instant updates, fitness trackers, etc. For example, there are some mental health chatbots that use AI methods to chat with someone to determine the issue, before allowing a professional doctor to take over. Similarly, there are other apps that ask for certain symptoms, and use AI algorithms to determine what the patient might be suffering from. The advantage of a chatbot is that it provides instant information, something that is indispensable in today’s fast-paced world. Customers love a responsive chatbot that provides information, isn’t too intrusive, and doesn’t throw up unnecessary promos and advertisements.

Various Healthcare and Wellness Solutions.

As healthcare and wellness consultants, you want a good web/mobile developer who is an expert, to provide you with a robust, dynamic, and scalable healthcare mobility solution. From IoT based healthcare app solutions to measure blood pressure or blood glucose, to chatbots in your app to engage with customers, a developer can help with everything. At Let’s Nurture, we provide complete development solutions to our clients. From the brief to the end result, we keep the client’s specifications in mind, as we come up with a customized solution for your business.

Different kinds of applications that use chatbots.

Consumer Tech Enterprise Tech
Medicine Reminders EHR Solution
Remote Diagnosis Solution Patient Personalisation
Doctors on Demand Solution Appointment Booking System
Nurses on Demand Solution AR/VR Solutions For Ortho Dentistry
Touchless Diagnosis Health Record Digitization
Fitness Coach Finder Insurance Claims Processing Solution
Meditation & Mindfulness Apps Hipaa0 Compliance Implementation
AI & ML Based X-ray/MRI/Sonography Diagnosis

Sharing Economy Solutions in the Health & Wellness Sector.

At Let’s Nurture, we offer location-based emergency services application development, guided meditation and fitness applications, smart hospital solutions, location tracking platforms for blood donors, and more. Our bespoke health and wellness solutions are designed to bridge the gap between doctors and patients as much as possible. Our robust on-demand booking platforms cater to an array of requirements for patients, no matter what their health concern is.

When looked at from a commercial viewpoint, the increase in remote diagnostics application due to coronavirus has opened up the health and wellness industry to a great many investors who were eyeing this sub-health sector. You can invest in leveraging the current range of technologies and integrate them with custom healthcare app platforms and solutions. At Let’s Nurture we help you no matter what your requirement is, to ensure optimum customer satisfaction.


  • Doctors on Demand Solution
  • Personal Trainer on Demand Solution
  • Nurses on Demand Solution
  • Wheelchairs on Demand Solution
  • Clinical Trials on Demand
  • Medicines on Demand
  • Ambulance on Demand

Why choose Let’s Nurture for Health and Wellness App Development?

Let’s Nurture is an award-winning ISO 9001:2015 certified, custom mobile application development firm, that offers end-to-end solutions in the health and wellness domain. We approach health and wellness app development and mHealthcare, with the aim to enrich lives globally, and to overcome any issues that the sector faces today. In developing chatbots for the health industry, our engineers stick to proven methods and test the outputs regularly to ensure success. The results is a smooth chatbot that answers queries without any hiccups.

When you work with us, you can be assured of it.

A decade and more worth of experience in custom mobile development services for the health and wellness industry. Best IoT Project 2018 Award winners.
Offices in key locations in the USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, Australia, and India for health and wellness solutions. NDIA500 Quality Awards Nominee: Topmost promising IT company 2018
Satisfied clients in around 30+ countries, worldwide. An agile methodology that ensures timely completion of all important health and wellness development projects.
2507+ projects delivered successfully We have a dedicated and qualified team of mobile developers for instant maintenance and support.
100+ in-house well-trained and experienced employees at our state-of-the-art Offshore Development Center (ODC) in Ahmedabad, India. Flexible engagement models to suit various business requirements as well as different budgets.
Let’s Nurture is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. An agenda to forge long-term relationships with clients.
We are a Google Certified Partner. The best return for your investment, with no hidden costs.
We’re part of the AWS partner network. 24X7 support, throughout the year, in any problem area that you are stuck in.
We always provide HIPAA compliant health and wellness solutions

If you have any questions about any of the above chatbot development or believe that one of these frameworks would work well for your business, please feel free to open up a conversation with us. Here at Lets Nurture, we build intelligent, conversational chatbots that help serve your customers around the globe with a personalized and tailored experience.


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