5 Skills you need to be a good python developer


Jul. 20

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Python – being an open source language, is a good pick for developers whether a beginner or an experienced one. With a supremacy of 30 years, It is still one of the most relevant languages and constantly growing. Python, being a high level programming language, takes care of common programming task sets and allows it to focus on the core functionality and concept of a respective application. Developers with python as a core skill are in trend and high demand, because of its versatile nature that can become a solution in many complex areas.

Not to forget it’s the easiest language to learn, But learning a language and mastering is not always enough to be a good developer, Right?

So, let’s deep dive into the 5 most relevant skills that can help you become a good python developer.

  • Python core concepts:
    For anyone to become a master in any language, the most essential skill to acquire is the core concept on which that language is built. One should have a good hold on the core python concept which are :

    • Variables and data types
    • Data Structure
    • OOP concept
    • File operations
    • Exception Handling
    • Debug Concepts
  • Python Web frameworks :

    Python is not the best suitable and mostly used language for the web, But it is used in an environment where time and budget is limited, and one wants to develop a working model as soon as possible. Developers do not need to have in-depth knowledge of each available frameworks but overall concept knowledge is always helpful. A good developer should have a hold over either of the two frameworks Flask and Django or both. Django is a Full stack framework with rich libraries in User management, URL routing, Object relational mapper and API management as well as front end support. Whereas Flask is a micro framework, which focuses on providing the necessary functionality for a particular task. Based on the Project requirement needs, you need to choose the best relevant and efficient framework to use.
  • Python Libraries :
    Having experience with popular python libraries is one of the major skill sets a python developer should have. Python has thousands of libraries and modules which include python standard libraries and third party modules developed by developers for can get any available module from Python Package Index (Pypi). Libraries make things easier for a developer, a team’s workflow efficient and task execution rapid and hassle free. Depending on the key concept of the project, it’s better to have knowledge regarding relevant libraries, which will be helpful and create task execution easier for you. Here are some of the most relevant libraries for machine learning – Numpy, SciPy, Tensorflow, Pandas, Matplotlib.
  • Database Schema and Query tools :
    Most web frameworks provide libraries to connect to any database, but for a developer to have a complete knowledge of different databases is a must. Data is playing a key role in today’s Online world, So data management skills is the least a developer should have. Depending on the project needs, one needs to choose a database which is best suitable for the task execution. Database is a most important part for every application from web application to a Machine learning model, So one should have a sound knowledge of database architecture as well as the query tool i.e SQL language. You need to have a complete knowledge of sql queries.
  • Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science skills :
    Data science itself is a whole ocean of opportunities in today’s world. It’s not a buzzword
    Anymore. What the world has achieved in this field is a drop but the field is an ocean.but
    To deep dive into this world of data science you need to have a certain essential skills,
    From Basic mathematical skills from your high school to high level Neural Networks.
    Here is the list of most essential skills to deep dive into data science.

    • Good knowledge of SQL
    • Data Acquisition
    • Cleaning up of data
    • Analysis of data
    • Visualization of data
    • Knowledge of machine learning algorithms

So, these are the basic development skills a developer needs to have to start a career in python and be a python developer. Acquire these skills and you are good to go to start a career. But Development skills are never enough to be a good software developer. One needs to have a great amount of soft skills which is a backbone for your career.

Soft skills, such as communication skills, Ability for logical thinking, Problem solving skills, Requirement understanding skills, being a good team worker – These skills One can not master, but it gets better and better with your experiences in projects and live fields.

I hope this blog on “5 skills you need to be a good python developer” was helpful and relevant to you. You can get in touch with us and let’s help each other to grow !!!


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