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Oct. 12

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We all indulge at some points in our daily routine in activities to break the monotone of work. We talk to co-workers or open your social network and IM for some human interaction. We all need to do this as it is cathartic for us. But the real decline in productivity occurs when you get carried away. Loss in time is a costly affair that affects employers and employees all the same.

The Scutterbugs:

While most are quick to blame this century’s idiot box the truth is that something  more real-world is engaging employees out of their productivity. I think most people have already guessed that the water-cooler effect is the top time-waster on the list. A survey revealed that the most amount of time is wasted in chit-chat with colleagues.

The Internet comes in actually after computer-glitches and meetings.

Time Wasted Online:

While we are here we will bash the internet too (How is an article complete without ?) . Jokes apart 64% of people have admitted to visiting non-work related sites .

Here is a list of how many people spend how much time on personal sites:

  • 39% spend less than hour on personal sites
  • 29% spend and hour or two.
  • 21% spend 2 to 5 hours.
  • 8% of people utilize 5 to 10 hours on personal sites.
  • 3% spend more than 10 hours. (Who has working hours more than that?)

So scratching your head wondering  what they do in all that time. Here is a list of the amount of time per week spent on each activity:

  • 1.24 hours on social networks (inclusive of watching cat pics).
  •  56 minutes on online games.
  • 45 minutes in reading mail.
  • 24 minutes on web portals.
  • 22 minutes with Instant Messaging.
  • 21 minutes watching Online videosmovies.
  • 19 minutes in online searches.
  • 15 minutes shopping online.
  • 13 minutes watching porn ;).
  • 12 minutes in fantasy football.

Calendar Surfing:

You guessed right, I’m talking about the one thing that you must believe as the biggest waste of time: meetings. Thanks for the imaginary high-five. Surveys indicate that 37% of employees feel half of the time in meetings are a complete waste. 6.67% believe that meetings are productive and 1% believe that meetings are pointless.

Here are some fun stats of the meeting survey:

  • 91% of people have admitted to daydreaming in meetings.
  • 96% admitted to have missed them at some point in their life.
  • 95% admit to missing parts of the meetings.
  • 73% admitted to doing other work in meetings.
  • 39% admitted to dozing off.

So those right there are the top 3 wastes of time. We are not saying that you should not talk with your colleagues, or surf the internet or attend meetings. Its simply worth noting that the time utilized in these activities needs to be optimized so that there is no loss in productive work.


Here is an infographics created by Time Doctor for this..


Funniest Part is that Jayesh send me link of this infographic 🙂 . For IT Company dealing with various Web Site Development & Digital Marketing Projects , sometime these time wasters can do wonders for company 🙂


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