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Sep. 18

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Along with monsoon rains, August showered Let’s Nurture with lots of opportunities and ideas. As Let’s Nurture believes in nurturing the world by employing technologies, the IoT app development team at Let’s Nurture have been developing multiple Proof of Concepts based on IoT technology solutions which are going to be proven solutions in the real world.

Let’s Nurture celebrated Independence Day with pride

On this special eve, Let’s Nurture embraced itself with colors of freedom. Motivation runs through our veins with memories of thousands of souls. Every employee of Let’s Nurture was dressed up with one of the tricolors to give a patriotic feeling to the environment and hosted the flag with pride. Overall we had a glorious day to remember and cherish the moments of sheer pride and freedom.


Let’s Nurture celebrated Independence Day with pride
Let’s Nurture celebrated Independence Day with pride

Skill Development Day at Let’s Nurture

Creative ideas reside in people’s mind but are trapped by fear or rejection. So, Let’s Nurture creates a judgment-free environment, where its members can unleash a torrent of creativity.
This time, Let’s Nurture came up with an idea where each member can enhance his/her creativity via presentations. So, the web application development team came up with 2 ideas: Ideathon and Blogathon.


All the departments including iOS development team, mobile app development team, design team, digital marketing team and sales team were divided into 3 teams, and were assigned to design a pitch and solutions for the application based on the given topic along with its features, designs, marketing strategies, business model and target audience on the following projects:
Team 1 (Bytes On Tap) was assigned to build a “Peer to peer file transferring app like (xender, share it)”.
Team 2 (Calling Thunder) were tasked to create a “Video calling app for mobile and web”.
Team 3 (Drishtify) designed “An app that can provide help to blind peoples”.

Skill Development Day at Let’s Nurture:
Skill Development Day at Let’s Nurture

The event was judged by Mr. Jay Shah and Mr. Sunil Veluri. The event continued for 6 hours. Each member did brainstorming and came up with different features, which had an impressive impact on our judges. The event was all about teamwork and how long the team can go along with exploring technologies, you can go through the brief ideas we developed as the whole event went live both on Facebook and Instagram.


A blog gives you the opportunity to create relevant content for your customers as it works as a marketing strategy to drive traffic to a company website. You can really attract your target audience with the contents that could showcase your company and services in brief through your words. And that’s what Let’s Nurture follows, so why it came up with an idea where the new interns were given individual topics to write a blog upon. The event was guided and judged by Mr. Abhishek Amin (Digital marketing manager), under his guidance participants came up with some really cool contents. Well, you can get to know “What is Let’s Nurture all about” through the contents it provides.

Skill Development Day at Let’s Nurture:
Skill Development Day at Let’s Nurture


Well Let’s Nurture has always provided platforms where its employees can show their talents, share their creative ideas and can grow, but side by side it never fails to pamper its employees as well. Some Leos and Virgos had their birthdays, Let’s Nurture as a family celebrated their day by cutting cakes and cheering them up with gifts and motivations.

Birthday's at Let's Nurture
Birthday’s at Let’s Nurture

Our ODC had a privilege to welcome clients

Client visit from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Our esteemed client from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, for whom our mobile app development team developed a fantasy sports app platform, visited our Head Office & ODC in Ahmedabad. Fantasy Sports is a type of online gaming platform for the game of skills. Our in-house team rebuilds the app by providing consultative services to manage various aspects of the company’s requirements such as – designing, development and marketing of the website & apps for fantasy sports, leagues, teams, sports professionals, equipment supplier and others in the Sports industry. They were quite impressed with our services and really appreciated our working environment.

Client visit from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Client visit from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Client visit from South Carolina, USA

Let’s Nurture being a leading IT offshore development company nurture businesses and foster them with unparalleled solutions globally. And it has always tried to help its clients to gain maximum benefits leveraging the latest innovations in their domains, which was really appreciated by a prospective client from South Carolina, USA. He visited our Head Office & ODC in Ahmedabad for discussion on his envisioned custom CRM Software Platform for Manpower service industry.

Client visit from South Carolina, USA
Client visit from South Carolina, USA

Projects featured under Let’s Nurture Umbrella

Projects onboard

Alexa skill for night out recommendation

Our in-house team of experts based on their extensive experience have started developing Alexa skills based on the Framework -Node JS and Voice Commands as Supported Commands. They will be using DynamoDB as their local database and have included English(US), English(Canada), English(Australia), English(UK), English(India) for Request and Response language. The team will use AWS Lambda software as well.

IoT based newborn vitals monitor

Yet again our iOS development team has started developing a Native iOS app and Native android app using technologies like PHP LARAVEL 5 , Swift and MySQL, with Android 4.4 to 8.0 and iOS 11+ as supported OS. They will be including Android Studio 2.3.3 version as well.

Projects delivered

e-challan app developed by Let’s Nurture
e-challan app developed by Let’s Nurture

” Memo Fatyo? “: An e-challan app developed by Let’s Nurture. The aim of this app is to help the people by giving them real-time e-challan notifications. With the help of you this Android mobile application, you can check e-challan imposed on your vehicle in Gujarat State before you get challan delivered to your home, and keep a track of your pending and paid challan.

IoT based Solutions using Smart Wearable Jewellery
IoT based Solutions using Smart Wearable Jewellery

Let’s Nurture added another feather in its cap by signing a contract for a Singapore startup to provide IoT based Solutions using Smart Wearable Jewellery. Let’s Nurture developed POC on IoT solution called “Smart Jewellery”. Our developers and technical experts believe this innovation will enable women while tapping their way to safety.

Join Our Team

Let’s Nurture live by the code – “To grow every day, to be better than what we were yesterday, to smile every day with our team around us and celebrate every achievement together under the same ceiling”. So why the company has never failed in delivering the best services to its clients.
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