Age Of Empire – Brilliant example of Gamification for marketing


Nov. 12

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As a usual thing I was checking Google Play Store For Android Apps, And I found Age of Empire in top of Game list and on Top Grossing Category in 17 Countries .

Age of Empire app
Age of Empire app

(I have not yet installed age of empire in my galaxy note yet.. I am still busy with my Tweet Analysis Addiction) but by looking into this review I found there will be something in game where people needs to make more real friends so, users are posting “reviews” with their “id”.

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Gamification and Marketing

I am not sure it will fall in Gamification for marketing but here Game Developers Certainly has created buzz that people are posting rating with their IDS to add more resources like golds, stones etc. (As we know Age Of Empire is all about Resource and Management) At the start of the game people will surely need these kind of resources to build an empire so they would not mind sharing and increasing friends to get more resources.

The following are the gaming expertise that a gamer looks forward to:

  • Single Player Game Development
  • Multiplayer Game Development
  • Educational Game Development
  • 2D Game Development
  • 3D Game Development
  • Multi-lingual Game Development

Curiosity within me inspired a bit and being an avid fan of age of empire’s web version I went into details. And I found something interesting.. Reviews were flooded with some random Ids… I tried to dig deep into this.

Read more about Unity3D game development.

Age of Empire Android Game
Age of Empire Android Game

What is therein for Age of Empire Developers with this

As far as I believe gamer who is in love with this game will only be ready to share and increase friends, So more chances to have positive reviews on Play Store. And secondly making real connection will surely able to pull social media data or something more on that ( I am not sure, As I have not yet checked Game yet) But I loved the idea of playing with gamers psychology to get more positive reviews on play store.

To download the app Go to Google Store Link.

While developing mobile applications for various business it is always good to keep checking what is going on in the market, what do you say? Do you have any recommendations? Get a quote from us for your game development requirements.


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