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Oct. 16

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Most camera require some kind of light or visible spectrum to take photos and capture shots. Many generation old cameras were still optical devices large in size that usually supported external flash fixture.

As the photographer clicks shutter, the captured image or an object is recorded on an electronic sensor or photographic film. Often the film roll captures the negative print which is later processed to get ‘n’ number of positive prints. It is on the basis  of this same two-step negative/positive process that most modern photography thrives on.

Smartphone & Digicam Revolution Influencing Digital Photography

Modern day digital cameras come with innumerable features and limitless capabilities. Most devices offer large storage memory to let you take several successive shots before you opt to filter out the best.

Most digital capturing devices also come with different mode selection and adjustments to let you capture best shots. You could even opt to capture pictures indoor, during night time, capture a zoomed shot or a 360° panoramic shot.

Nowadays many digital cameras and smartphones with rear camera lens lets you capture images and add effects. At the time of capture you could adjust effects like brightness/contrast,  add flame effect, face enhancement, grayscale By slightly adjusting the setting you could program your camera for smile detection and motion shot capturing.

Technological advancement play a significant role in contributing to digital photography. Most smartphones nowadays offer front camera that lets you take your own-photoSelfie or picture for your entire groupGroupie.

Remote Photo Capturing – Wireless Transfer & Other Innovative Trends

By enabling wireless bluetooth you can even connect your smartphone with your high end digital camera and remotely control them. By letting your smartphone to remotely control your digicam, you can capture pictures and record videos from proximate distance. You can even consider pairing two compatible digital devices for wireless media transfer.

Some of the latest innovation in digital photography now offer object detection and customization. This allows you to retouch, add effects/colors only to the specific object/person by creating an overlay object layer. The rest of the picture’s background remain locked and untouched.

‘Burst mode shooting’ is yet another innovation in digital photography.  You can capture several quick successive photographs and capture frames rapidly to let you preserve memories for the entire event.

Picture Apps To Aid Digital Capturing

Even though it’s your camera that lets you capture best shots, it has certain limitation with respect to providing effects. Now with picture apps you could enhance, fine tune and retouch images to get that perfect perfection.

Some features include – creating photo albums, bordering frames to images, make skin enhancements and carry out image resize. You can even share the enhanced image with friends and family on social media.

Most latest digicams and smartphones devices provide endless opportunity to the photographers and image capturing enthusiasts. Several digicams offered today are of varying megapixels that ultimately determines the quality and resolution of the image captured.

To let you tweak, share and preserve your captured memories, our team at LetsNurture offer Picture App Development. Our highly collaborative team of professional designers and mobile app developers are good at shaping ideas into reality.

One of our featured photo sharing app MemoryGapp for example is meant to assist people with Alzheimer’s.  You could help the victim remember things by tagging pictures, adding stories and voice notes of family members and friends.

What keeps you waiting? Start working on your own personal family picture album to cherish memories with your family in the future. Send in your requirement to our email id


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