5 ways eCommerce Stores Can Use Urgency to Increase Conversions

5 ways eCommerce Stores Can Use Urgency to Increase Conversions


Aug. 17

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Have you ever shopped online? Well, of course you have. The question is,have you ever placed items in your shopping cart and left it there, hanging for ages, never returning to them? Some or the other way, the eCommerce website or the app will remind you of your shopping cart. This exactly is one of the examples of urgency trick that the online stores utilize to never let the customer go. Besides your own platform, you can also list your products on Amazon. For this, use the best product research tool to gather as much information as possible about which of your products you can list on Amazon.

Urgency is a useful tactic. It essentially forces the customer to come to a decision on whether or not to make a purchase, at least faster than they would have done otherwise. By creating a sense of urgency, you can turn all those window-shoppers who think too hard or wait too long, into customers far more quickly. In other words, sales conversions at a far better rate. Online store owners or rather eCommerce website owners can leverage this very efficiently. Here’s how:

1. Create a Catastrophe

Creating a havoc for your upcoming sale is a very good urgency case to start with. By leveraging a loss aversion response in potential shoppers, you create a sense of urgency and therefore make them more inclined to act.

A good way to start is through your email campaign announcing that a deal or sale is coming to an end. Tell your audience there are limited seasonal offers or there are only a few hours left to get those orders in.

Create a Catastrophe

Also, you can use the home page of your eCommerce website to highlight the end of the sale.

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2.Make it competitive

Competitive situations propagate a good level of urgency. It is not only about hosting a competition?—? although contests for free goodies can make even the biggest holocaust wake up?—? but it is more about creating a sense of competition. The best examples are?—? eBay bidding wars, or, that tells you how many people are looking at the hotel room you’re interested in.

Make it competitive

Stock details show that you only have a few left. This gives an impression that the customer needs to act fast to beat another shopper.

3. Feel of Scarcity

You know your audience well. It is better to use their purchase history to create a scarcity awareness for the products they left behind in the cart or wishlist of your eCommerce website or app. By intentionally limiting the amount of stock or the amount of time on an offer, people will want it more.

Cart abandonment rate is around 67.91%.

Cart abandonment rate is around 67.91%.

4.Add a countdown

Using a strategic counter, counting down how long the deal is valid for or how many items are left, will create scarcity in the checkout box, and therefore not only increasing sales conversions, but reduce cart abandonment.

Add a countdown
Add a countdown

5.Revamp your copy

“Don’t Miss Out”, “Hurry now!”, “Last Chance!”?—?these are the words and phrases that will create an urgency and grab the attention of your audience to your online store. The easiest way you can create urgency is in your product copy and your CTAs.

Revamp your copy

Don’t just set a reserved for product copy, CTA buttons and email marketing but give your AdWords ads and metadata a little boost as well.

Make your eCommerce Website ready to urge your audience

Urgency can be a great tactic, but it has to be used properly. Too many messages about stock scarcity, limited-time sales etc, and people will stop paying attention.

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