5 Smart Mobility Solutions for Movers and Packers Companies


Jun. 18

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Moving to new house, new city/country is exciting as well as stressful. You not only have to pack everything, but also make it new place in one piece. According to analysis by Simple Self Storage, People move at-least once in their lifetime and 55% people hire moving professional or rent moving truck. By teaming up with top custom mobile app development company in Australia, mobility solutions for logistics companies like top movers and packers companies, through which customers can not only book on-demand service, but track it as well.

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Everything in today’s world starts and ends on technology. Technological Innovations are making human lives easier by reducing efforts. Industries are moving towards digitalisation by infusing technology in every possible way to streamline operations and reduce operational costs. Similarly, Top Movers and Packers companies like Pikkol, Bindle, ezmove are also  inculcating latest technological trends to achieve better service and delivery standards.

On-demand app development to satisfy customer’s convenience

Top movers and packers companies are availing Let’s Nurture’s smart mobility solutions to offer their customers hassle-free services and unique customer experience. Leveraging on demand app platform, customers can book an immediate service or schedule it for later. Additionally, customers can have comfort of modifying or cancelling their booking. Such companies win over the competitors, by giving power in the hands of their customers.

  • An intuitive UI for hassel free service
  • Book now or schedule for later
  • Flexible service for customers to be at ease
  • Comfortable customer service

Real-time Tracking for customers to breath at peace

The customers can select the location where goods are to be picked and dropped. With latest mobility solutions leveraging GPS for Movers and Packers companies, customers can breathe easy while shifting from one place to another, apparently making moving and packing convenient. We have been providing GPS/ Geofence location based tracking solutions to enhance the reliability and customer experience along with seamless monitoring of operations for movers and packers business.

  • Live tracking of shipment from anywhere
  • GPS trip tracking and scoring
  • Beneficial for long-distance moving process
  • Easy to note the place along with arrival time

Cost Estimator Tool Integration so customers only pay for what they avail

The fare is calculated summing the type of goods, weight, vehicle, distance, tariff and other aspects. It is time consuming. While all this is covered up in mobile application, enabling customers to have on-the-spot calculation. To have customized quotation, customers have to enter the type of goods and pick-drop location. The smart algorithm encapsulated with in the mobile app, makes the calculations, suggests the vehicle to service providers and quote to customers.

  • Pre Service Fare Calculation
  • Customised calculation based on goods and distance
  • Pay for what you avail
  • Get quote in few clicks

Digital Payment for seamless experience

Digital Wallets Development and QR scanning mobile app development are helping movers and packers companies for quick payment. Maintain transaction history of debit/credit cards, internet banking, Cryptocurrency Development, COD(Cash on delivery), etc with Movers and Packers mobility solution. Let’s Nurture helps our customers with robust payment gateway integration leveraging the latest technologies for secure payment process.

  • Payments Gateway Integration with QR Scans
  • Seamless payment experience
  • Secure COD payment option
  • Cryptocurrency Development (Wallet)

Chatbots to provide 24/7 support to customers

Being the best Chatbot development company in Australia, we know that top movers and packers companies are adapting AI based chatbots to avail round the clock customer support. Chatbot is austere software that interprets user’s text or voice message and responds with either execution or a reply.  These Chatbots can handle numerous conversation at same time. AI Chatbots are 18 times more efficient in responding messages, and ensures active customer interaction.

  • Always-available customer support
  • Personalised customer support
  • Quick response time
  • Proactive customer interaction

What we offer for custom mobile app development for Movers and Packers business?

  • Expert Professionals for iOS/Android mobile app development
  • Rich Experience to build custom mobile apps & websites
  • Expert consultation for strategic development & features
  • Coding as per App Store & Google Play Guidelines
  • Effective Testing Strategy
  • Free Deployment & guaranteed approval


In this era of endless innovation, we have to wait and see what future holds for us. The one thing we are sure of is that future will look different from today and certainly more efficient. Let’s Nurture is a leading web/mobile application development company that has transformed various industries by offering custom on-demand app development and other mobility solutions to simplify business needs.

Let’s connect for a free consultation for your Movers and Packers mobile app development. What’s your say on it !!


Ketan Raval
Posted by Ketan Raval

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