Proof-of-concept(POC) is great way to chart the course, no matter whether contemplating possible impact your newly developed technology or planning a complicated system. Alos, roll-out with mobile access being a part of strategy would make the end-users, testing the feasibility of your ideas. A low profile tactic is to start New Product Development initiative with POC is a low profile tactic for achieving maximum results with minimum business risks and resources involved: evaluate the potential of your concepts for real-world application, assess the system-to-be for ability to satisfy certain requirements.



  • Identify Possible User Expectation And Needs


Demonstrating users the feel and the look along with design and accessibility of the final product; unlike mockups and design documents.


  • Guage Implementation Feasibility


Deep understanding of the solution requirements and implementation options validated in the real application environment, early on before the start of the full-scale development.


  • Prioritize Requirements To Avoid Costly Budget Overruns


Capability to eliminate problem areas after identifying them in early stage, to avoid mistakes to be piled up at later full fledged development stage and their costly fixes.


  • Evaluate Critical Parameters of Electronic Product: PCB, Enclosure, Firmware


When prototyping a complex electronic product, verify the fabricated PCB is compatible with firmware, while the enclosure meets all the critical physical parameters of the future product.

What we do
According to your goals for development initiative, intended work scope and resource availability; along with a blend of development efforts and research or a mix of those will yield specific measurable results that will define the further steps in implementation strategy:


  • POC for technological feasibility


An instrument for quick testing of generated assumption on relevant technology choice, compatibility with other technologies, as well as its applicability on performing various tasks employed in a project.


  • Prototype development


A prototype is being created to demonstrate the performance and usability of future system or a product and its ability to integrate with external system. It’s been proved to be effective for assessing the implementation of an online system/product.



  • A pilot of product development


A full production implementation system aimed for testing in live interaction with the general intended focus audience, to provides better insight into how the product will likely be used in the target field of application, while identifying areas that require refining and fine-tuning.

Prototyping for Mobile

It’s vital for success of a business to make the most of the mobilization capabilities offered today, with increase in mobile devices being serving as remote-control to world. Serving users with interactive and compelling experience by supplying useful, usable and desirable mobile application, in a way that will keep targeted audience engaged with your organization, by build the trust along with them; differentiating yourself from the competitors, and using it to your advantage to business growth.



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