Parse For Mobile App Development

Identifying the best Web Backend for your Mobile App is one of the most critical decisions for the overall cost to manage your App. Most Apps do not require the database to manage bulk of the data such as – user details, leaderboards & high scores and other details that cannot be saved to the Client side. There are various MBaaS (mobile backend as a service) providers in the market that offers extensive features, such as Parse Integration, to serve as Web Backend.

Facebook acquired Parse integration is one of the most prominent MBaaS provider. First and foremost, Parse API is the most scalable solution for Social Apps and Social Media integrations. Moreover, Parse integration offers a single backend for iOS, Android and Windows platforms. Therefore, using Parse integration, the time and the cost is saved for App Development due to two major reasons – (1) Single backend for multiple platforms and (2) Social Media Integration.

But that is not all:

  •  Cloud Services of Parse negates the requirement of Servers
  •  Customization in Push Notifications
  •  No Server Code Required as you can use Parse Code
  •  Basic Plan to use the Parse API includes up to 1 Million Requests and 1 Million Push Notifications per month – absolutely Free
  •  Easy to Use, Time Savvy and Economical

Benefits in Implementation:

In order to build a successful App requires an effective tool to manage the server traffic. Implementation of Parse integration, removes the server from the equation. In a Client side engaging App, where you must have a server to manage the load – the Free (Basic) Plan of Parse integration can provide you with a Million hits per month. Let’s consider a use case to simplify the math.

With over 10000 daily users per day, you can manage up to 3 requests per user. Now even in such an App, the requirements to hit the server for Data sync – is once or twice a day. As a result you would not have to have Web services, database maintenance and even the hosting. And if the App is expected to have more users there is a paid plan for only US $199 to have 15 Million Hits & Push Notifications per month.

Bring your idea on Board with Lets Nurture:

Since the inception of Parse integration, our technical experts encouraged our Clients to leverage the benefits of the Cloud Services it offers. Our Mobile App development team is pro at various domains in iOS and Android App development to deliver a successful App for your Business. Let’s discuss your requirement for the Mobile App development and we will take care of the technical puzzles.

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